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Home Eat & Drink Transport Yourself to Hong Kong with Tim Ho Wan

Transport Yourself to Hong Kong with Tim Ho Wan


Since I can’t travel overseas now, I shall transport myself to Hong Kong via food. Singapore may be small in size, but it has certainly lived up to its reputation as a food paradise.

Missing the taste of Hong Kong? Take your pick from Tai Cheong Bakery, Hang Heung, Joyluck Teahouse, Tsui Wah and Tim Ho Wan to satisfy your cravings – no passport needed.

Singaporeans have developed a special fondness for Hong Kong Dim Sum, that’s why you can easily find some of the best Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants in Singapore, and one of them is the award-winning Tim Ho Wan.

Ever since the pandemic has started, my family and I have been craving for Dim Sum because there’s no way for us to eat our way around Hong Kong any time soon. These small plates of delicate, bite-sized food originated in Hong Kong have taken the world by storm.

Tim Ho Wan serves Hong Kong-style Dim Sum at affordable prices and a straightforward menu with no more than 30 dishes. Do you know that feeling especially when it’s raining heavily in Singapore, and the shopping mall is way too cold, but at least you’ve landed a seat in a bustling Chinese restaurant and before you is a table full of piping hot Dim Sum? That’s bliss. What my family always order at Tim Ho Wan will always include the signature dishes like Baked BBQ Pork Buns, Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf, Pork Congee with Century Egg & Salted Egg, Osmanthus Jelly, and most crucially, Hong Kong Milk Tea!

Come to think about it, Tim Ho Wan has been around in Singapore for about seven years since the opening of its first overseas outpost in Plaza Singapura in 2013.

Tim Ho Wan remains true to its tradition. If you’re visiting the restaurant looking for fancy dishes or rainbow-coloured sponge cake you’ll be disappointed.

Tim Ho Wan Unveils Limited-Edition Dishes That Will Make You Feel As If You’re Back in Hong Kong 

Tim Ho Wan has recently revamped its menu with the introduction of Chef Specials! These specially curated dishes are available for islandwide delivery and takeaway at all Tim Ho Wan restaurants from 14 September to 31 October 2020.

Make no mistakes, these dishes are specially crafted by Chef Mak and the wanton noodles are all imported from Hong Kong.

Most of us would have a memory of a food which we ate during a vacation that takes us right back to that particular moment in Hong Kong. Remember that fluffy custard bun you had in Hong Kong? It’s now available in Singapore’s Tim Ho Wan!

When in Hong Kong, tucking into a bowl of Hong Kong-style braised beef noodles is a must.

New to the menu is the dry version of this crowd favourite – Braised Beef Noodle. Alternatively, you can also choose to have them prepared in a broth. The beef brisket and tendon are braised for 3 hours in special Tim Ho Wan sauce, coupled with springy and thin noodles, the combination makes for a satisfying meal.

One of my favourite Cantonese-style food is Congee. There are a couple of famous Congee establishments in Hong Kong. If you think congee is bland, you’ll be proven wrong. The medley of ingredients turns the congee into a hearty and umami-packed bowl. The meatballs are handmade with pork and prawn, now that explains why this bowl of silky-smooth porridge is so delicious. This is my new found favourite in Tim Ho Wan – Flat Fish, Meatball & Peanut Congee.

Gather your family and friends, tell them you’re taking them to Hong Kong and no passport is needed!


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