Singapore’s First Charcoal Claypot Lala in Ubi Ave 4

The viral Claypot Lala that had us drooling over our screens from across the border is finally here in Singapore!

The Claypot Lala Hotpot is a crowd favourite in Malaysia, known for its fresh lala (venus clams) simmered in a savoury broth, all cooked to perfection in a traditional claypot over a smoky charcoal fire. You can order extra ingredients to add into the soup, just like how you would enjoy a steamboat!

Located at 179 Ubi Ave 4, you can find Singapore’s first claypot lala also known as Ubi Claypot Lala right behind the Comfort Delgro Driving Centre.


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At Ubi Claypot lala, they only accept walk-in, you cannot make reservations. By the time I got there at around 8pm, the coffeeshop was already abuzz with eager patrons. The alfresco area of the coffeeshop is illuminated with fairy lights and Manyao was blasting through the speakers.

The first thing you need to do when you get there is find a table before placing your order.

Be prepared to queue for a short while
The menu has a variety of steamboat items

First, the ingredients from our orders were promptly delivered to our table. Shortly after, we were presented with the mouthwatering Specialty Broth, the star of the main dish. The entire waiting time was approximately 30 minutes. While waiting, you can grab a drink from the coffee shop’s drinks stall.

I can almost taste what the hype is about. The lala broth is cooked in a claypot over a charcoal stove, giving it a smoky and earthy aroma. But that being said, the heat is real.

The only thing better than lala in a hotpot is MORE lala in a hotpot. Ubi Claypot Lala knows what’s up.

The dish lived up to its hype, with generous portions and a rich flavour. Plus, they provide unlimited soup refills. The price point is reasonable too. So for those looking for something new to try without having to be caught in the jam across the causeway, this hidden gem in Ubi is a must-try.

Ubi Claypot Lala
179 Ubi Ave 4
Tue to Sun | 12pm-10pm
Closed on Mon · Walk-in only

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