Home Eat & Drink Authentic Hong Kong-style Milk Tea by Kam Kee Café Is Now Available...
Home Eat & Drink Authentic Hong Kong-style Milk Tea by Kam Kee Café Is Now Available...

Authentic Hong Kong-style Milk Tea by Kam Kee Café Is Now Available in Singapore


Hang in there, everyone! You have made it halfway through the circuit breaker period! Continue to stay off the streets, wear a mask when you’re out and practise physical distancing to keep everyone safe! In the meantime, we know you have a growing wish list for that post-circuit breaker life.

Anyone else is daydreaming of a trip to Hong Kong? You know, one of life’s simple pleasures is a warm Bolo bun and a cup of silky milk tea at Kam Kee Cafe. While we wouldn’t know when are we able to travel again, that iconic drink is now within our reach in Singapore!

Anyone has tried recreating HK-style milk tea at home? Save your effort! 

HK-style Milk Tea By Kam Kee Café is making its debut in Singapore 

Joy Luck Teahouse, in collaboration with Kam’s Roast, will be doling out the authentic milk tea by the renowned Kam Kee Café. All you have to do is to order one Kam’s main dish with every drink! And the good news is, Kam’s Roast is offering 20% off with promo code <NEWFEAST> to brighten up your circuit breaker days!

The fragrant milk tea is made with a special blend of three types of premium Sri Lankan black tea leaves. The multi-textured blend consists of Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings rough tea, Broken Orange Pekoe Ceylon tea as well as tea dust. The concoction of the tea is then mixed with top-quality European milk for a full-bodied flavour.

You can choose either the Hong Kong-style bubble tea (called Pearl of the Orient), which comes with a generous amount of brown sugar tapioca balls or have it without. Alternatively, you can add premium Korea-imported marine collagen to the bubble milk tea.

Joy Luck Teahouse is slated to open in the third quarter of this year

Joy Luck Teahouse is the brainchild of legendary TV producer Robert Chua who has also brought in famous Hong Kong’s F&B brands like Kam’s Roast and Tim Ho Wan to Singapore. Joy Luck Teahouse is slated to be open in the third quarter of this year in ION Orchard. The teahouse will be doling out Hong Kong’s classics, all of which are on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong list: egg tarts, pineapple buns and Hong Kong-style milk tea. The egg tarts are by Hoover Cake Shop and the pineapple buns and milk tea are by Kam Kee Café.

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