Beijing Travel Guide: How to Get Around in Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China, with a population of close to 22 million. It’s a city where you can walk along centuries-old sites like the Great Wall or Forbidden City in the morning and immerse yourself in the state-of-the-art tech world by afternoon. But getting around this sprawling metropolis might seem intimidating at first. Fear not! This guide will help you understand how to navigate Beijing, particularly if it is your first visit.

Getting Around in Beijing



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Beijing’s subway system is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to travel throughout the city. With seventeen lines and more than 300 stations, the subway connects all major tourist attractions, business districts, and residential areas. English signs and announcements make it easier for foreign travelers. The subway operates from 5AM to 11PM, and a one-way ticket costs between 3 to 9 Yuan, depending on the distance travelled.



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Buses offer another affordable way to get around Beijing. The city has an extensive bus network that covers areas not reached by the subway. However, buses can be crowded during rush hours, and not all buses have English signage. A typical bus fare ranges from 1 to 2 Yuan.

A more comfortable and hassle-free way of seeing Beijing would be booking a private car charter especially when you are travelling with families and kids.

If you’re only spending a few nights in Beijing and want to make the most out of your trip then a private car charter with Changi Recommends is the most cost-effective way to go as you would have already locked down the fees in advance for the number of hours you have booked.

A private car charter for 4 passengers for up to 8 hours costs around S$130.
A private car charter for 6 passengers for up to 8 hours costs around S$232.
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Taxis are plentiful in Beijing and can be flagged down on the street or booked via smartphone apps like Didi Chuxing. Taxi fares start at 13 Yuan for the first 3 kilometers and increase based on distance and time. Importation: Make sure to have your destination written in Chinese as most drivers don’t speak English and paying in cash or WeChat is preferred.

Biking Around Beijing


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Once known as the “Kingdom of Bicycles,” Beijing is still very much a bike-friendly city. You can rent a bike from bike-sharing companies such as Meituan bicycle, Hellobike, and Qingju bike. All you need is their app and a small deposit. Biking is an excellent and cheap way to explore the city’s hutongs (alleyways) and parks.

The charging rules of major bicycle brands in Beijing are generally 1 Yuan (approx S$0.20) every 15 minutes, and half a Yuan to 1 Yuan (approx S$0.10 to S$0.20) every 15 minutes after the initial 15-minute period.

3 Tips for Getting Around in Beijing

1. Download a map: Having a digital map like Google Maps or Baidu Maps can be a lifesaver. Remember to download the offline version as internet connectivity might not always be reliable.

2. Carry your hotel’s business card: In case you get lost, you can show the card to a taxi driver or local for help.

3. Avoid Rush Hours: Like any major city, Beijing has heavy traffic during peak hours (7-9AM and 5-7PM). Plan your travel accordingly.

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