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What Do You Look For in A Flexible Mobile Plan


Gone are the days of lengthy and fixed-mobile phone contracts. With an increase in competition and choice in the telco industry, mobile phone plans are now more flexible than ever.

You’ve probably heard of these three main telcos carriers: Singtel, Starhub, and M1. But increasingly, they’re not the only players in town. And in fact, this is good news for consumers who get to enjoy a variety of telco offerings at low prices like never before.

More Mobile Data, Less Bill Shock

With more people working from home, owning multiple gadgets, and streaming dramas, consumers expect telcos to provide more data at a lower cost.

Enter the MVNO, which stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator and refers to phone carriers that use one or more of the major mobile networks to offer service. Many consumers are now turning to MVNOs because they allow consumers to adjust their usage plan without penalty.

Customise Mobile Data, Talk Time and SMS 

Data overages can add up quickly and you are likely to incur a hefty bill. Look for plans that give you the options to customise your mobile data plan, including talk time and SMS usage to suit your needs. For instance, if you know you’re going to be streaming shows and music, you should be allocating more data.

Share Mobile Data, Talk Time, and SMS

Besides the benefit of customising their very own mobile plan, there are options to even share data, talk time, and SMS with friends and family. Furthermore, any unused data can be rolled over to the next month.

Now you must be wondering if there is such an MVNO that offers both flexibility and affordability? Make no mistake, Singapore’s most flexible mobile plan is here. 

Singapore’s Most Flexible Mobile Plan – Changi Mobile



With Changi Mobile, you’ll pay for the service you need rather than overpaying for a bloated plan or getting stuck with one that doesn’t measure up. To put it simply, you can:

    • CHANGE your plans anytime to suit your needs
    • ADD more data, talk time and SMS with options of add-ons
    • SHARE your data, talk time & SMS with friends or family
    • ENJOY MORE savings when you sign up through Changi Go App
    • FREE from commitment (No Contract)
    • SAVE any unused data to be used in the next month
    • PAY for only what you use (Excess data are prorated)
You can have it your way from as low as *$15 per month!
Ready to improve your mobile life? Head over to changimobile.com !

More perks for making the switch to Changi Mobile here!


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