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Home Discoverist x CR Online Money Exchange Service by Changi Recommends

Online Money Exchange Service by Changi Recommends


Today, anything and everything can be delivered (food, bubble tea, parcels, portable WiFi routers, etc.) to your doorstep with a click of a mouse. And that includes foreign currency. You’d be surprised (or rather unsurprised) that there is a quick, easy, and convenient way to exchange foreign currency without having to leave the comfort of your abode.

Enter Changi Recommends’ online money exchange service — found here.

Finally, a way to bring foreign currencies to you instead of you having to brave the oft packed trains and public transport in Singapore to brick and mortar money exchange stores.

But first, let’s take a look at the lay of the (foreign currency exchange) land. You’ll see why this online money exchange service is important to all Singaporean and PR-/EP-/S-PASS-/W-PASS-holding travellers looking to make the country their home base before jet setting off to parts unknown.

Today’s Currency Exchange Habits In A Nutshell

If you’re like any of the hundreds and thousands of holidaymakers departing Singapore on a daily basis, you’d know that money changing seems to be one aspect of travel that’s always left unattended until the eleventh hour. By then, we end up bolting to the most convenient money changer (usually in airports) to get it over with — at the expense of winding up with a bad deal most of the time.

There may be a couple of reasons for completing this mundane yet vital task at the last minute.

Whether it be getting caught up planning your travel itinerary or even having no idea of how foreign currency exchange works, changing your Singapore dollars to your destination’s local currency is indeed a real chore for a majority of travellers out there.

Think about it, lugging around a large chunk of change is a potential robbery waiting to happen. And tracking down the best money changers in Singapore is no easy feat, especially with our oftentimes busy schedules. Not to mention, the dreaded queues. The annoyingly long, snaking queues that’ll burn through your precious lunch hour.

Now, if we were to say that there was an online service in Singapore that would address the problems above and more, would you use it?

Changi Recommends FX — Online Money Exchanger

Who doesn’t love a good deal coupled with that all-important convenience?

Changi Recommends Foreign Exchange (FX) is a value-added online service for customers looking to buy foreign currencies at attractive and competitive rates. The service is powered by GCC Exchange (S) Pte Ltd. — an authorised money changer in Singapore — so you can definitely be sure that you’ll be getting some of the best rates around.

But if you’re a stickler for researching and comparing exchange rates, you may be wondering why the rates published by retail money exchangers in Singapore (The Arcade, Online Portal, or GCC Exchange) differ slightly from Changi Recommends FX’s rates.

The rates shown by these companies are electronic rates used for payments abroad and in some cases consists of mid-market rates. Whereas, the Changi Recommends FX service uses a dynamic real-time Forex rate. Better yet, there are no service fees involved when you use Changi Recommends FX!

Currently, the system supports more than 10 types of currencies but many more options may be added in the future.

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use Changi Recommends FX

Wanna try out Changi Recommends FX? Great! With this online service, changing your money is as simple as completing three easy steps!

First, choose the currency you wish to buy and input the amount needed. While you’re at it, fill up the online form with your personal details.

Once the details have been filled, select either Paynow or Bank Transfer as your preferred method of payment. Also, remember to select the option of delivering it straight to you. Or alternatively, you could instead choose to pick up the package at Changi Airport’s Terminal, if that’s more convenient for you.

After completing your payment, wait for a confirmation e-mail with your reference number. You may then expect your delivery to arrive at the earliest within the next day! Now you’re all set for a wonderful adventure ahead, free from the burden of frantically looking for a decent money changer.

Note: There is a minimum order of SGD 300 per currency and a daily maximum of SGD 4,999.99 per person. The delivery option applies to any address islandwide. Upon collection, please also present your original identification as per the details used in the online form for verification purposes.

In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, Changi Recommends has paused all delivery service until further notice.


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