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Fun Experiences That Will Make You Go: Singapore is Pretty Cool!


There are plenty of things to do in Singapore despite its landmass, but as a local, you may have become too familiar with the tourist attractions ever since the country exited from the circuit breaker, and find yourself wondering: where to go next?

Of course, when it comes to taking a local holiday or a short respite, you can always go on a staycation. (Tip: You can read our guide on some of the best instagrammable hotels to stay here. Plus, download the Changi Go App by Changi Recommends to redeem your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers and even stand a chance to win a free hotel stay too!)

Perhaps the question to ask ourselves would be: What kind of memories do I want to create with SingapoRediscovers Vouchers? Because after all, being at home, in Singapore means we have our routines and preferences, it could be morning jog in the stadium, brunch at the coolest cafe in town or sweating it out at the spin studio.

Apart from staycations, how do you ‘rediscover’ your own homeland? Are you a foodie, nature lover or a culture buff? Check out these unique local tour experiences which we think will help you get in touch with Singapore’s history and culture, and find yourself go: Singapore is pretty cool!

(You can redeem your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers via Changi Recommends beginning from 1 December 2020!)

1. A True Authentic Peranakan Experience

Can you guess where is this? This is not Joo Chiat.

For a great mix of history, Peranakan culture and architectural exploration, A True Authentic Peranakan Experience tick all the boxes!

Ever wonder what makes a Peranakan, a Peranakan? What’s the significance of the shophouse intricate facade and where do these intricate graphic tiles originated from? This 4-hour tour will bring you to several charming shophouse neighbourhoods to uncover the Peranakan heritage, see the difference between Chinese style shophouse and Rococo style shophouse, including an exclusive insider’s tour of a Peranakan family’s private gallery. The shophouses are so beautiful that you thought you were on a film set!

You will also stop by one of the best-kept secrets in Chinatown to shop for traditional kitchenwares, such as colourful Tingkat sets and hand-drawn porcelain rooster bowls. Last but not least, the tour ends with a delicious lunch at a local Peranakan restaurant.

Sign up at $55 per child (4 – 17) and $65 per adult (18 and above)

2. Marina Night Skyline

Do you still remember how Singapore’s skyline look like before the MBS was built? How about letting an expert fill you in on this? Discover the transformation in Marina Bay area with the Marina Night Skyline tour; it is a 3.5-hour evening journey that will take you around Marina Bay Area, Helix Bridge, MBS Sky Park and finally ending the night with a drink at Lantern Bar.

Sign up at $349 per adult

3. Art N Coffee Appreciation Tour

Chinatown is Singapore’s largest historic district, and it is also widely regarded as a tourist hotspot as it is lined with street murals, traditional medicine and chinaware shops, Chinese restaurants and cafes. At Art N Coffee Appreciation tour, you’ll gain insights into the early days of Chinatown as you gather for breakfast at a traditional Nanyang Coffee house, learn how to make coffee and discover nostalgic street art around the neighbourhood. And you may be surprised at the numbers of insta-worthy photos you can capture there!

Sign up at $55 per pax

4. Foraging For Your Own Singaporean Salad

While foraging is illegal in Singapore, Foraging For Your Singaporean Salad tour aims to impart knowledge on the types of edible plants that are common in Singapore and hopefully, inspires you to start a mini garden at home. The journey will begin at Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanic Gardens, and several stops in Dempsey Hill.

You will get to sample some of the edible plants in a community farm and bring some back home to grow! There are vegetables that taste like grapes and smoked ham! Trust me, you will never look at those weeds and flowers growing by the roadside the same way ever again.

Sign up at $50 per child (3-17) and $60 per adult (18 and above)

5. Singapore Unique Architecture Tour

Let’s be honest, how many of us actually pay attention to the art sculptures and architectural features around the CBD area? I bet most of the answers would be: During school excursions.

Well, now’s the chance for you to play tourist and spot interesting sights in the CBD area with the Singapore Unique Architecture Tour.

Sign up at $320 per pax

6. Journey to the North

Yearning to escape the city’s concrete jungle for a while? Consider taking a trip to see the last Kampong in Singapore and enjoy a soothingly warm foot bath at Singapore’s only natural geothermal hot spring! Journey to the North is a 3-hour tour that will take you off the beaten path and find a sense of calm amidst the urban city.

Sign up at $28 per child (4-17) and $44 per adult (18 and above)

Rediscover Singapore with Changi Recommends today!

Discover Singapore with fresh eyes and experience familiar places from new perspectives. Use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers and spend time with family and friends at our list of tours, attractions and hotels. Valid from 1 December 2020 to 30 June 2021, take advantage of off-peak promotions or go off the beaten path to stay safe while having fun! Happy Singapoliday!


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