Home Discoverist x CR Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with These Decadent Mooncakes
Home Discoverist x CR Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with These Decadent Mooncakes

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with These Decadent Mooncakes


Once again the Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the Mooncakes season is nearly upon us. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 1 and we’re seeing more creative flavours and fancy packaging, but at the heart of it all, it is about spending quality time with our loved ones and a time for thanksgiving.

Mooncakes are symbols of happiness and reunion in Chinese culture. With so much going on this year, what better way to celebrate and express your appreciation to your loved ones than with delicious mooncakes and tea? Whether you’re a truffle aficionado or a cocktail connoisseur, we’ve got you covered with our pick of the best mooncakes in Singapore.

Mooncakes with A Modern Twist

1. Aroma Truffle
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The wait is over #ATruffleSociety 😍 . Officially unveiling Aroma Truffle’s mid-autumn 2020 edition surprise – Black Truffle Musang King Durian Mooncake‼️ . 🖤 Sweet and savoury, indulge in our modern rendition of the king of fruits. Infused with premium Black Winter Truffles, these exquisite mooncakes are speckled with edible gold dust for maximum decadence ✨ . Drop by our stores to get your Early Bird Bundles today at : ✔️ Changi Jewel ✔️ Plaza Singapura ✔️ Bugis+ ✔️ Chinatown Point ✔️ Westgate . OR order online via the link in bio ✨ . . #AromaTruffle . . . #trufflechips #trufflepotatochips #truffleshuffle #truffle #potatochips #sgfood #singaporeinsiders #igsg #foodofinstagram #foodsg #sgfoodporn #sgigfoodies #sgfooddiary #igsgfood #sgfoodstagram #instafood_sg #snacksg #sgpromo #sgpromotion #mooncakefestival #mooncake2020

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Rejoice, truffle and durian lovers! Aroma Truffle’s gold-dusted beauties are back by popular demand, with over 20,000 pieces of mooncakes sold last year!

For the uninitiated, Aroma Truffle is a homegrown brand famous for its high-quality truffle chips using truffle harvested from Italy.

In celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Aroma Truffle presents two exquisite mooncakes namely Black Charcoal Musang King Mooncake and Butterfly Pea Musang King Mooncake for your indulgence.

Aroma Truffle is serious about taking your mooncake experience up a notch with the strongest truffle from Italy and the best durian cultivar Musang King from Malaysia.

In pictures: Butterfly Pea Musang King Mooncake (left) and Black Charcoal Musang King Mooncake (right). Regular bundle of 4 mooncakes at $88.00 is now available to order from uNeed for only $78.

The Black Charcoal Musang King Mooncake is generously filled with the flesh of pure Musang King durian originating from Raub, Pahang. This rich durian filling is encapsulated in a 100% natural Black Charcoal snow skin that is infused with premium Black Winter Truffle from Spoleto Italy, then delicately garnished with edible gold dust for maximum decadence.

The Butterfly Pea Musang King Mooncake comes in a beautiful blue hue which is extracted from the natural colour of the Butterfly Blue Pea flower. It also has a hint of aroma from the flower. The core filling is a divine combination of pure Musang King durian flesh mixed with bits of premium Black Winter Truffle harvested from Italy.

Harmony Bundle (One box of 4 Mooncakes + 4 Truffle Chips) at $128 is now available to order on uNeed for only $98.

Order at uNeed.changirecommends.com to enjoy free delivery!

The Return of MSW Mooncakes 

2. The Durian Law

Delicate snowskin envelopes rich and creamy Mao Shan Wang fillings – a perfect gift for durian lovers. The Durian Law introduces Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncakes in a box of 8. Pre-order now to enjoy 1-for-1 deal, with every purchase of Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncakes ($98) you’ll receive one free assorted box of mooncakes (8 pcs – worth $78)!

Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncakes at $98 comes with a free assorted box of snowskin mooncakes

Not everyone in your household is a fan of durian? Fret not, The Durian Law also offers a variety of flavoured snowskin mooncakes such as Matcha, Lotus, Chocolate and Red Bean, all delicately crafted with quality ingredients sourced from Japan and Singapore.

Adzuki Redbean Snowskin Mooncakes made using quality Adzuki Beans from Japan.

Chocolate Snowskin Mooncakes are made with dark chocolates with the right amount of sweetness. Each bite delivers a rich and chocolatey treat for your palate.

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Our premium snowskin mooncakes have arrived! 🍵 1 for 1 promo✅ * Each of our snowskin mooncakes are specially sourced from a specific country and made in house. Rest assured, we will only deliver premium products to you. 😊👍🏻 * Each box contains 8 delicate Snowskin pieces. In our Durian Box, we have 8 pieces of durian snowskins each filled with 100% Grade A creamy Mao Shan Wang filling. 🤤 For our assorted box, we have 4 flavours: Lotus, Adzuki Red Bean, Matcha and Dark Chocolate! 2x of each flavour in the assorted box. * 📍Early Bird Promo- buy 1 box of Mao Shan Wang/ Assorted Snowskin mooncake ($98) and get another assorted snow skin box for free ! Only limited boxes available!!! ☎️ Arrival 1st September onwards. Order now, deliver later. * For bulk purchases please contact us! #durian #mooncake #duriansg #snowskin mooncake #singapore🇸🇬 #matcha #adzuki #lotus #chocolate #mooncakefestival #sgfoodshare #sgfood #foodporn #madeinsingapore

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Pre-order at uNeed.changirecommends.com to enjoy the special deals!

3. Golden Moments

Durian aficionados are no stranger to this brand, Golden Moments, well-known for all things Mao Shan Wang, most notably the 24-carat Gold Premium Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream that has taken the social media by storm. This year, Golden Moments is celebrating its 4th year anniversary with 4 artisanal snowskin mooncakes to delight your taste buds! Take your pick from Signature MSW, Docello Hazelnut MSW, Premium D24 and Lychee Martini Mooncakes!

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Our Premium Assorted Flavors Box NOW AVAILABLE at 1 FOR 1! Grab a box with 4 different flavors – 🌟 Signature MSW 🌟 Docello Hazelnut MSW 🌟 Premium D24 🌟 Premium Lychee Martini 😍 While stocks last! . 🌟 Celebrate our 4th year anniversary with us and enjoy our exclusive 1 FOR 1 promo (till 6th Sep 2020)! . 🌟 For every 2 boxes purchased, get a guaranteed FREE 5 stars luxury spa pass to Spa Nes with ala-carte buffet! Additional dining vouchers will be given too! 😍 . 🔥 @lawryssg – $50 OFF 🔥 @marchesingapore – $10 OFF 🔥 @sghouseofseafood – $50 OFF 🔥 @kemonochicken – 10% OFF 🔥 @ladywu.sg – 10% OFF 🔥 @tipsybirdsg – 10% OFF 🔥 @tipsypenguinsg -10% OFF 🔥 @tipsybunnysg – 10% OFF 🔥 @takeshi.noodle – 10% OFF 🔥 @happyendingpizza – 30% OFF 🔥 @thekettlegourmet – 20% OFF *Limited vouchers, while stocks last!*

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This is also the first time that Golden Moments has launched a non-durian product infused with alcohol, the Lychee Martini Mooncake is perfect for cocktail connoisseurs.

For a limited time only, Golden Moments is offering 1-for-1 deal, place your order via uNeed.changirecommends.com to enjoy early bird special discount!

4. Minus18 C

Musang King Durian Mooncake Series by Malaysian brand Duria is now available via Minus 18C! By the way, Duria is not a typo, it’s simply “durian without an end (N)”. One bite is never enough, so to speak. Fans of lava mooncakes, sink your teeth in Musang King Durian Lava Mooncake.

Musang King Durian Lava Mooncakes (6pcs) for $48.00

Treat your families and friends with some of the finest, most flavourful Durian Mooncake this season with Duria The Premium Box Snowy Skin Mooncake featuring Duria’s Signature Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake as the centrepiece and 7 different flavours of snowy skin mooncakes.

Duria The Premium Box Snowy Skin Mooncake! a.k.a Duria 七星伴月猫山王榴莲冰皮月饼 (8pcs for $68)

The 7 special flavours are:

  • Bamboo charcoal MSK (60g)
  • Coffee MSK (60g)
  • Pandan MSK (60g)
  • Cheese MSK (60g)
  • Mango MSK (60g)
  • Strawberry Cheese (60g)
  • Blueberry Cheese (60g)

Enjoy early birds discount when you place your order at uneed.changirecommends.com

Classic Baked Skin Mooncakes 

5. Peach Garden

When it comes to exquisite Chinese culinary experience in Singapore, Peach Garden is definitely on top of the list. A reputable household name, Peach Garden is also known for its traditional baked mooncakes featuring thin crust, generous fillings and salted egg yolks – highly enjoyable with a pot of Pu-erh tea.

Signature Golden Lotus Paste With One Yolk (Reduced Sugar) at $67.41 is now available to order via uNeed for $50.56 for a box of 4.

This year, Peach Garden has also introduced new flavours such as Jackfruit with Melon Seeds and Pomelo Cheese Paste with Orange Peel and healthier options such as Sweet Potato Paste in the mix.

Premium Healthy Sweet Potato Paste (Reduced Sugar) at $67.41 is now available to order via uNeed for $50.56 for a box of 4.

Enjoy the natural sweetness of sweet potato in this rendition that’s easy on the palate.

Premium Jackfruit Paste with Melon Seeds at $67.41 is now available to order via uNeed for $50.56 for a box of 4.

A well-baked crust envelopes sweet-smelling jackfruit paste with melon seeds adds a chewy texture, certainly a treat for jackfruit fans!

From now till 31 August, you can enjoy 25% off when you place an order at uneed.changirecommends.com

6. Pine Garden

Started out as a small confectionery in the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood since 1984, Pine Garden has earned its reputation for old school cakes and traditional snacks. It used to be Ang Mo Kio community’s best-kept secret, but with its ever-popular sponge cakes, today it has become one of Singapore’s beloved heritage bakeries.

Pine Garden Treasures (Box of 4 Baked Mooncakes) at $59.10 is now available to order via uNeed for $50.23 which comprises – X 1 Baked Skin Lotus Paste – X 1 Baked Skin Pandan Jade Coconut Dodol – X 1 Baked Skin Red Bean Paste With Orh-Ni – X 1 Baked Skin Assorted Nuts

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Pine Garden presents a new take on traditional baked skin mooncake series with 4 new flavours, they are:

Baked Skin Black Sesame Paste with Mochi 


A contemporary take on the classic Asian flavour; the addition of a soft, chewy mochi centre encased in a rich, aromatic black sesame paste offers incomparable taste and texture. A definite must-try for those looking for a twist on the traditional!

Baked Skin BiLuoChun Tea & Guava

This blend of BiLuoChun green tea and guava lotus paste presents a fusion of floral and fruity notes. Studded with fragrant dried guava bits for that extra oomph, this mooncake is something the adventurous will love!

Baked Skin Brown Sugar Multi-Grain Lotus Paste

Combining the classic lotus paste with brown sugar, this mooncake drops a hint of smoky sweetness. The medley of lightly toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, white & black sesame and goji berries provides a dance of flavours and textures with each bite.

Baked Skin Cempedak Paste with 1 Yolk

This takes the top spot in our 2020 list of new mooncake flavours! Enjoy a burst of distinct flavours from this tropical fruit paired with a glistening salted yolk; a perfect balance of sweet and savoury which will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Aside from the traditional baked skin mooncakes, these interesting flavours are also available in a thin and light snowskin layer too!

Enjoy 15% off when you place your order at uNeed.changirecommends.com

7. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel 

Bring home a piece of Singapore’s timeless heritage this Mid-Autumn with The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore’s mini mooncakes and limited edition jewellery box. (Psst… the hotel’s signature cocktail mooncake is available here!)

The limited-edited mooncakes box is intricately designed to reflect the heritage surrounding The Capitol Kempinksi. The top of the box features a replica of the stained glass windows in CHIJMES Hall itself. On the front, the Capitol Building stands tall in a cutout design while the back boasts the outline of Stamford House. Sharp eyes will notice that it is exactly between these two buildings that The Capitol Kempinski Hotel sits, making them the perfect decoration of its mooncake box. The hotel itself is paid homage on the sides of the box with the cut-out outline of 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung, the anchor restaurant of the hotel.

All stained glass designs boast signature and meaningful icons that include landmarks such as Stamford House, Capitol Building, Capitol Theatre, the Theatre Zodiac Dome, Theatre Pegasus, CHIJMES, Caldwell House, CHIJMES Hall, Conserved Floor Tiles in CHIJMES Hall, CHIJMES Main Gate and Gate of Hope.

Mini Snowskin Plantation 1840  (Alcoholic)

This year, a delicate selection of mini snowskin varieties are added to the hotel’s delicious baked mooncakes collection, with ensembles unique to the hotel. Travel back in time with the Mini Snowskin Plantation 1840 ($78 for 8 Pieces), crafted with 15 Stamford’s iconic cocktail of the same name. Baked varieties come in contemporary flavours as well as classic favourites that mooncake lovers look forward to yearly.

Mini Snowskin Tiramisu (Alcoholic)

The Mini Snowskin Tiramisu ($78 for 8 pieces) is a tribute to La Scala Ristorante, one of the most popular restaurants in Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, tempting tastebuds with creamy caffeinated punch.

Not a fan of mooncakes infused with alcohol? There are other delectable flavours to choose from such as pure Valrhona chocolate 70% or consider Salted Caramel for a savoury and sweet bite. If you’re yearning for something light and refreshing, try the fruity and floral combination – Lychee Rose. 

Assorted Mini Snowskin Mooncake Box of 8

Still can’t make up your mind on which flavours to try? We say get the Assorted Mini Snowskin Mooncake box at $78 for 8 pieces.

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore’s Mid-Autumn Mooncakes Specials will be available from 8 August to 1 October 2020.
The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, 15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906
For online orders and home delivery, visit www.shop-capitolkempinski.com


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