Enjoy a Stress-Free Arrival to Vietnam with Fast Track Service at the Airport

Have you ever had a long flight followed by an even longer wait in the Immigration line?

We’ve all been there, and it can be a long and grueling experience. Imagine if you could skip that line altogether, get through all formalities with ease, and start exploring Vietnam right away. Introducing Fast Track service at Tan Son Nhat Airport, Noi Bai International, and Danang International Airport! With this premium service, there’s no need to worry about unnecessary airport hassles.

Skip the long immigration line and get Fast Track Service at the Airport

When you’re planning a trip abroad, the last thing you want is for your arrival in a new country to be stressful. After all, it’s supposed to be the start of an exciting vacation or business trip!

What is the Fast Track Service?

The Fast Track Service is a premium service designed to take away unnecessary airport hassles and make for a more streamlined arrival.

Upon arrival, a representative will meet you at the skywalk and guide you through all formalities – including passing through Customs via the Premium Immigration Lane and navigating the Arrivals Hall. In other words, no more waiting in those long queues!

All of this will be done in a much shorter time than if you had gone through regular immigration procedures. Not only will it save you time but it also means that your journey can begin sooner – allowing you to take full advantage of your trip as soon as possible!

There will be a staff who will be holding a whiteboard with the written full name of the visitor at the arriving gate or at the corporate counter at the departure hall or at any location where the visitor requests.

The Fast Track Service is also applicable for visitors departing from Vietnam. A representative will assist with check-in and lead you to the exclusive fast-track immigration counter where a fast pass voucher is included. This will speed up your exit from Vietnam without any delays.

Save Time and Speed Through the Airport with Fast Track Service 

Furthermore, being guided by a representative means there won’t be any confusion or potential for getting lost when navigating the Arrivals Hall—something that can definitely put a damper on a holiday before it even begins.

Lastly, getting Fast Track Service (S$39+) adds an extra touch of luxury; something usually reserved for celebrities or high-end travelers.

So if you’re looking for an upgrade from your usual travel experience or just want some peace of mind during your holiday abroad—this service is perfect for you!

Get Fast Track Service in Vietam International Airport!

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