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Zen-like Resort in Kyoto’s Countryside – Park Hyatt Kyoto to Open Late 2019


As the cultural and historical heart of Japan, inundated with temples and shrines that have histories stretching back as far as the 8th century, Kyoto is a must-visit for anyone who loves Japanese history.

Visitors can opt for a full -fledged  experience, starting with a variety of traditional accommodations on offer – from Ryokan (guest inns originating from the Edo period) to Machiya (traditional wooden townhouses). Then, for those with more conventional notions of comfort, there are of course modern hotels to choose from.

But what if you desire a mix of both?

Photo by parkhyattkyoto via Instagram.

Enter Hyatt Hotels and Resorts with their latest (third in Japan) luxury accommodation in Kyoto with Park Hyatt Kyoto, a zen-like resort which seeks to provide an immaculate and enriching cultural experience.

Slated to open towards the end of the year, Park Hyatt Kyoto may prove to be one of the best hotels in the world. With a blend of tradition and a touch of modernity, coupled with the Japanese’s signature omotenashi (Japanese hospitality philosophy), many are waiting with bated breaths for what could be an unrivalled hotel experience in Kyoto.

Modernity Meets Tradition

The Hyatt Kyoto site is actually a historic location, the home to the Suiko-kan Hall, a villa that was part of the Hongan-ji Temple. In 1863, the samurai and imperialist revolutionaries gathered at this very location to plot and overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Over 150 years later, the site is making way for the new hotel project of Hyatt. Featuring 70 guest rooms, the concept and design of Park Hyatt Kyoto is rooted in nature and the changing seasons of Kyoto. The luxury resort features three different types of suites and two different types of rooms.

The three suites are perfect for families and each offer different experiences. The Park Suite fully immerses one in nature, with a concept design that is inspired by the mountains surrounding it. Inside you’ll find tamo wood and local materials that give the suite an ancient feel in a largely modern space. Both the Higashiyama and Pagoda Suites feature sweeping views of the Higashiyama neighbourhood, with the Pagoda Suite taking the upper decks of the property. Being the signature suite of Park Hyatt Kyoto, the Pagoda Suite looks out to the best and picturesque views of the famed Yasaka Pagoda.

At Park Hyatt Kyoto, exclusivity is the name of the game and elegance, its core.

Photo by ParkHyattKyoto via Instagram.

Prime Location

When it comes to location for a luxury resort, it probably doesn’t get much better than this.

Located near the famous Kodaiji Temple and a short walk from Kiyomizudera Temple, Park Hyatt Kyoto presents a tranquil escape with unparalleled views of the historic district of Higashiyama.

Though the hotel is nestled in the heart of the Higashiyama neighbourhood, it’s sufficiently isolated that it’s quite a bit of distance from most railway lines, though we’d imagine that for the customer base at Park Hyatt Kyoto ($700/night), taxis or private cars are their choice of transport.

But if you fancy a walk, the plenty of historic and stunning paths surrounding Park Hyatt Kyoto, will make it well worth your while.

Image by parkhyattkyoto via Instagram.


If you’re looking to visit Kyoto at the end of the year, Park Hyatt Kyoto could very well deliver that rare mix of luxury living set within a truly historic backdrop.


360 Kodaiji Masuyacho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0826


075-531-1234 / +81 75 531 1234

Top photo by Jørgen Håland on Unsplash


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