Home Tips & Trends World's Tallest Chocolate Fountain is in Switzerland
Home Tips & Trends World's Tallest Chocolate Fountain is in Switzerland

World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain is in Switzerland


We’ve seen quite a few jaw-dropping manmade fountains around the world, but this is nothing like the others, this is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Waterfall! Check out Switzerland’s tallest chocolate fountain in Lindt Home of Chocolate museum!

The striking centrepiece of the museum is a 30-foot-tall fountain consisting of a huge stirring spoon towering high above the atrium, from which 1,500 litres of real chocolate pours down into a giant Lindor ball.

Imagine the sweet-smelling chocolate…only if I could travel there now…

Oh wait – I can get Lindt chocolates here! (Don’t judge, just add to your WFH snack stash.)

The World’s largest Chocolate Museum is located in Kilchberg, Zurich. Lindt Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company officially opened the museum on Sep 13, Lindt Home of Chocolate will take visitors on a tactile and interactive learning journey into a world of chocolate-making process and even get a chance to customise their very own Lindt chocolate.

Through this museum, the Swiss chocolatier hopes to promote the science and art of chocolate-making in Switzerland.

This is one experience that chocolate lovers should not miss while travelling in Zurich!


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