Travelling on a red-eye flight? Here’s how to prevent “plane face” and still look fresh

Have you ever arrived at your destination after a red-eye flight feeling exhausted and looking less than your best? You’re not alone. Swollen face and puffy eyes are common issues after being stuck in an airplane for hours on end. But don’t despair, there are some simple tricks to help you look and feel refreshed when you touch down. Read on to find out how to tackle “plane face” after a red-eye flight!

Prep Your Skin Before Your Flight

One of the best things you can do for your skin before boarding a plane is to give yourself a good pre-flight skincare routine. Taking the time to apply a hydrating moisturizer and facial mist before takeoff will help keep your skin plump and hydrated during the flight so that it doesn’t suffer from dehydration—something that often happens during long flights due to low cabin humidity levels. This will go a long way toward keeping your skin feeling smooth and refreshed during the flight.

Stay Hydrated 

The single most important thing you can do during a red-eye flight is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help keep puffiness away, as well as prevent headaches caused by dehydration. It may be tempting to reach for several cups of coffee or soda, but stick with the H2O to avoid added sugar which can lead to dehydration and further fatigue. Also, don’t forget to bring your own empty water bottle—many airports have free water refill stations that are accessible before security checkpoints.

Pack Your Skincare Essentials

Be sure to pack some skincare essentials for your flight to help freshen up during travel. A good facial mist is an ideal choice for keeping your skin hydrated throughout the flight. 

A good idea is to bring along a travel-size moisturizer so that it fits easily into your carry-on bag. Also, make sure you pack lip balm—the dry air in the cabin can leave lips chapped if left unprotected.

Get Some Snooze with a Sleeping Mask

Getting some sleep on the plane can make all the difference between looking and feeling refreshed or looking like you just got off a 12-hour marathon of zombie films (not pretty). Invest in an eye mask that blocks out light so you can get some restful sleep without interruption from cabin lights or fellow passengers who don’t understand why dimming all lights is important for everyone’s sleeping comfort! It doesn’t hurt if it’s cute either!

Refresh Your Eyes With Eye Drops & Cool Compressions

Tired eyes are often caused by lack of sleep, but they can also be worsened by allergens in airplanes or staring at bright screens such as computers or smartphones for long periods of time. To reduce eye inflammation, use eye drops before landing (or whenever necessary during flight). Additionally, using cool compresses will give your eyes instant relief from puffiness and stress after a long flight. Pro tip: Bring a travel-sized eye cream formulated for brightening and depuffing the delicate skin around the eye. 

Skip the Contact Lenses If Your Flight is Longer Than 4-Hours

Wearing contact lenses at high altitudes is uncomfortable and can result in dry, bloodshot eyes. Unless your flight is less than four hours and you do not intend to sleep, consider putting on a pair of spectacles for a more comfortable flight.

Travelling on red-eye flights doesn’t have to leave you feeling exhausted and puffy when you arrive at your destination. With just a few simple steps such as staying hydrated and packing skincare essentials tailored specifically for long flights, you can arrive at your destination looking refreshed and ready for whatever comes next! 

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