La Table D’Emma: A Traditional Homely And Hearty French Experience With A Modern Twist

La Table D’Emma is a brand new French restaurant that has just opened in the newly opened Mercure ICON Singapore City Centre. Located in Chinatown, this French eatery serves up hearty and homey French classics with an Alsatian flair. Chef Micheal dedicated this 130-seat restaurant to his dear wife Emma and hence, named it La Table D’Emma. The restaurants’ brightly lit interior reflects it’s La table d’amis characteristic, translating to “the friends’ table”. La Table D’Emma evokes a sense of community by bringing together people to homely and hearty traditional French food.

La Table D’Emma’s Interior. Photo Taken From La Table D’Emma.

This restaurant also has butterfly motifs spread throughout its concept from it’s dishes, to it’s lighting. These butterflies represent Chef Michael’s childhood home which was always home to many different butterflies.

One of La Table D’Emma’s Alsation classics is the famous Tarte Flambee where Chef Michael’s wife is also an inspiration for the name of this dish, where the dish has been named ‘La Flemmakueche’. These come in 4 flavour profiles. La Tradition Onion/Lardons ($20), La Gratinee A Lemmental ($24), La Champignons ($22), and La Salmon Fume Maison ($28).

La Flemmakueche La Champignons & La Salmon Fume. Photo Taken From La Table D’Emma.

Another signature French classic of Chef Michael is the Seafood Bun with Comté Crust ($28). Chef Michael takes this dish to the next level incorporating French flair into the skilfully crafted Comte crust with it’s nutty flavour profile. The balance of achieving a golden, crispy crust without over powering the subtleness of the seafood flavours was a complex combination of finding the harmony between temperature and timing.

Seafood Bun With Comté Crust. Photo Taken From La Table D’Emma.

The last signature dish that is a must try is the Bouchée à la Reine ($34). This dish is made up of veal, chicken and creamy mushroom velouté. This olden traditional French dish is usually made by a queen’s chef to spark a royal relationship. It was only right for this dish to be the first dish that Chef Michael made for his wife. We see again the butterfly motif making a comeback with butterfly shaped pastries in this dish.

Bouchée à la Reine at La Table D’Emma. Photo Taken From Confirm Good.

Address: 8 Club Street Mercure, #01-04 Icon Singapore City Centre, 069472

Operating Hours:

Daily From 11:30AM – 2:30PM (Lunch) & 5:30PM – 10:30PM (Dinner)

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