Home Tips & Trends Hong Kong Airport Piloted World's First Automated Disinfection Booth
Home Tips & Trends Hong Kong Airport Piloted World's First Automated Disinfection Booth

Hong Kong Airport Piloted World’s First Automated Disinfection Booth


The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our way of life, and there’s no going back to pre-virus times. While vaccines are still in the works, countries are taking steps to reopen their borders and restart the economies.

It is a known fact that the airport can be a high-risk place for virus transmission; therefore, Hong Kong’s Airport Authority brought in the latest disinfection technology, including intelligent disinfection booths and automated cleaning robots to protect passengers and airport employees from infection.

World’s First Airport to Test CLEANTech J-1

According to the Airport Authority of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s first airport to test the “CLEANTech J-1” full-body intelligent disinfection channel facility.

Courtesy of Airport Authority Hong Kong

In short, it is a fully automated process which includes temperature screening, 40-seconds disinfecting and sanitizing procedures in an enclosed facility.

Courtesy of Airport Authority Hong Kong

How Does it Work?

The interior of the facility contains an antimicrobial coating that can remotely kill any viruses and/or bacteria found on clothing, as well as the body, by using photocatalyst advances along with “nano needles.” Sanitizing spray is also applied for instant disinfection. The channel is kept under negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination between the outside and inside environment. However, it is important to note that the facility is not configured to detect persons with asymptomatic infections.

Currently, the facility is designated for Hong Kong Airport staff who undertake public health and quarantine duties for passenger arrivals.

That said, we could probably see more of such technology implemented in major airports around the world as countries chart a new path for economic recovery from coronavirus.


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