Getting Around Christchurch, New Zealand: A Quick Guide

Navigating around Singapore is really easy all thanks to our well-established transport system. Like Singapore, Christchurch, a city on the South Island of New Zealand boasts excellent public transportation and a variety of ways to get around. From rental cars to E-scooters, there are many options to explore.

Read on to find out how to get around Christchurch City.

Metro (Public Bus)

Christchurch Metro Map Routes
Image by Christchurch Metro

Christchurch’s public bus system is called Metro, which runs throughout the city. Taking the bus is a quick, accessible, and sustainable way to travel around town. There are even buses which get you from Christchurch Airport to the central.

Locals have their Metrocards to use. However, if you’re just stopping by the city for a couple of days, you can just purchase tickets from the drivers when you board the bus. Fares vary depending on the Zones you’re traveling in and can cost upwards of NZD$2.10. This is an option that won’t break your bank but it might take some time and research to figure out the routes and buses you can take.


Bicycles and E-scooters/E-bikes

Neuron Christchurch - E-bike E-scooter Sharing
Image by Neuron Mobility

Did you know that Christchurch is the city of cycling, with more people biking there than any other city in New Zealand? In Christchurch, there is an extensive network of cycle routes. There are 13 Major cycling routes that connect the suburbs to the Central City, which are known as Cycleways. Biking around the city is not only affordable and sustainable, but it is another way you can appreciate the city by riding down the streets.

As a tourist, you can gain access to a bicycle with a shared bicycle or scooter. With the introduction of E-bikes and E-scooters, it has become even quicker to commute around the city. The two e-bike and e-scooter operators are Lime and Neuron, which you can find all over the city pretty easily. You don’t have to scoot your entire journey. Many locals use them to get from their car or bus to their final destination.

To rent the vehicles, you will have to download their apps beforehand. Weekly passes, rates and additional information can be found on the apps. Pricing varies between the providers, but costs around $1 to unlock the bike and charges by the minute. Renting an E-bike or E-scooter is arguably the most fun mode of transport amongst all the options listed here.

Rental Cars

Ezi Car Rental Christchurch
Image from (Ezi Car Rental Christchurch)

A popular option of transport amongst tourists would be car rental. It is convenient and time efficient. New Zealand is also a right-hand drive country, just like Singapore, so it is definitely easier to get used to.

There are many car rental companies in Christchurch, many of which have courtesy shuttles to and fro from the airport if you pre-booked a vehicle. Do note that all car rental companies will require an International Driving License (IDL) to register. 

There is a huge variety of vehicles for you to find what works best for your budget and itinerary. Either pre-book your vehicle or find one on a walk-up basis at the airport, but it is subject to availability.  If you have a looser budget, renting a car in Christchurch can get you from different tourist destinations quickly and comfortably.



Image from Blue Star Taxi Christchurch

You can also get around New Zealand via Taxis. There are many taxi operators around and the prices are not exorbitant. It is advisable that you book a taxi in advance by calling or through their app to prevent any hiccups.



Christchurch Zoomy Rideshare App
Image from @zoomynz on Instagram

Of course, you can travel around in a rideshare. Uber, Ola, and Zoomy are rideshare operators in Christchurch. Rideshares are usually significantly cheaper than taxis in Christchurch so you might want to download their ridesharing app ahead of time. The apps work like how Grab and Gojek do in Singapore so it is rather easy to familiarise yourself with the process!

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