Home Tips & Trends 5 Airlines With Carbon Offsetting Programs For You To Travel With A...
Home Tips & Trends 5 Airlines With Carbon Offsetting Programs For You To Travel With A...

5 Airlines With Carbon Offsetting Programs For You To Travel With A Little Less Guilt


The fight for the environment continues as the human population heads into a new decade.

We’re all doing our part to save the world environment – from the simple act of reducing plastic usage to using more environmentally-friendly air-conditioning or cutting it out from your lives – we, as individuals,

Truth be told, all that is fine and dandy, and these small actions do contribute to a larger whole, but little did people know that travelling on planes produce huge amounts of carbon emissions.

We’ve detailed how to travel a little more sustainably and what we as travellers can do to help the environment on our travels. But there’s only so much our conservation can help, and for more substantial changes and impact, these large corporations have to be at the forefront of the movement.

Thankfully, more airlines are wising up on this issue of environmental sustainability so here are some airlines with carbon offsetting programs to help you travel with the Earth in mind.

1. Emirates

5th on the Skytrax World Airlines Awards, Emirates is one of the top airlines in the world. And perhaps true to its ranking, the carrier does not believe in passing on the costs of reducing carbon emissions to the customer, instead choosing to bear that cost on its own.

Emirates stands firmly behind the idea that the emitter should be the one that pays the price. This has resulted in billions of investments into reducing carbon emissions on their flights, making Emirates the proud owner of one of the world’s quickest and lowest emission aircraft.

Some airlines unabashedly take the sky with little to no care about the environment, but not Emirates. If you want to help save the environment as much as you can without spending any extra money, choosing to fly with Emirates is one way you can do it.

2. Air Canada

Air Canada has taken the route that many airlines have chosen in their bid to save the environment. This usually takes the form of a carbon offset purchase for individual travellers who wish to do their part in reducing overall carbon emissions for flights.

These values are calculated through Air Canada’s carbon calculator and every purchase will help to mitigate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with your travels. The money received also goes into environmental protection and conservation.

3. Qantas

Ranked 8th on the World Airlines Awards, Qantas is Australia’s largest international and domestic airlines, and also the leading pioneer in carbon emission reductions.

With various programs and projects over the years, Qantas has actually been certified carbon neutral by the NCOS Carbon Neutral Program since 2007. Over the course of these near 13 years, Qantas has been recognised as the world’s largest carbon off setter with some 2.5 million tons of carbon emission offset.

So, if there’s any airline that does it right, it’s Qantas.

4. British Airways

British Airways have taken the funds and money earned from their carbon offset programs and channelled that into initiatives and activities focused on environmental education, especially geared towards children and the young.

From this year onwards, British Airways will be the first UK airlines to introduce carbon offset programs for domestic flights within the UK. With the carrier conducting 75 flights per day across the entire UK, you’re looking at a potential offsetting a substantial amount of carbon emissions.

5. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has its own carbon offset program and carbon calculator not unlike the previous airlines. The money garnered from the program has allowed the New Zealand airline to start up the New Zealand Environmental Trust Fund which aims to support small green projects in various areas.

Mangarara Station in Hawke’s Bay has taken full advantage of the program, turning the money into the planting of some 85,000 trees. This is just one of the many practical benefits seen from the carbon offsetting programs that Air New Zealand are offering, and may be the best way to help conservation and environmental efforts short of not taking so many flights.


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