Home Tips & Trends 5 Accommodations in Sunny Byron Bay That Won’t Break the Bank
Home Tips & Trends 5 Accommodations in Sunny Byron Bay That Won’t Break the Bank

5 Accommodations in Sunny Byron Bay That Won’t Break the Bank


The cool ocean water rushes up to my feet, washing away the granules of sand stuck in between my toes, giving me a nice respite from the warm sandy beach.

Seagulls squawk in the distance as I see surfers riding the waves, with a few unfortunate crashes. They seem unperturbed however, excited even, to get up and catch a new wave.

Crash. Surf. Crash. Surf. Crash. Surf. Their actions and movement are much like the rhythmic crashing of Byron Bay’s waves. This scene repeats day after day after day.

In the Southeastern Australian state of New South Wales lies Byron Bay, well-known for being a backpacker’s paradise. Recently, this small coastal town has seen a surge in tourism, drawing crowds aside from your usual fare of backpackers.

With white sandy beaches, clear cerulean waters, and fresh air (you’ll be surprised how underrated this is), Byron Bay has become one of Australia’s hottest destinations.

Here are 5 accommodations in and around Byron Bay that won’t burn a large hole in your pocket.

1. Ruskin House Bed and Breakfast

Image credit: Ruskinhouse

The Ruskin House is not your typical quiet Bed and Breakfast. Boasting a 4-star accommodation, you can expect excellent service and amenities than what you would usually expect from a B&B. All suites come with parking spaces, free WiFi, and daily servicing with the rooms all being soundproofed.

Image credit: Ruskinhouse

And of course, the other important half of a B&B is the breakfast. At Ruskin House, there’s a choice of continental breakfast or a bevvy of cooked options such as buttermilk pancakes with bacon and caramelised bananas.


131 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

2. Atlantic Byron Bay

Image by atlanticbyronbay on Instagram

Atlantic Byron Bay is the newest kid on the block, and with its myriad themes of rooms, it’s fast becoming a top choice amongst visitors of Byron Bay. This boutique hotel is made up of 4 original Byron Bay cottages that they have restored and repurposed.

Image by atlanticbyronbay on Instagram

Each guesthouse in Atlantic Byron Bay draws inspirations from all over the world— the Albatross rooms are inspired by travels to Arizona and Mexico and are adorned with unique tokens of travel, while the Tropical rooms have sunny verandas with palm trees.

If you’re looking for a place full of character, Atlantic Byron Bay has to be your choice.


13 Marvell St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

3. Glen Villa Resort

Image by ritabl on Instagram

Glen Villa Resort is a perennial backpacker’s favourite. A caravan park, this resort is more communal living than private 5-star accommodation. A 14-acre park that consists of a wide range of cabins, huts, cottages, and caravans, there’s an accommodation experience for everyone.

Image by retropod on Instagram

Glen Villa Resort eschews your typical concept of high-end accommodation and focuses on what really matters— fuss-free comfortable living that encourages social interaction around the grounds. The various options also mean you can have a spectrum from adventurous to private and a slight brush of luxury.


80-86 Butler St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

4. Waves Byron Bay

Image by waves.byron.bay on Instagram

Waves Byron Bay is a beachfront hotel that opens up to expansive views of the azure clear waters of Byron Bay. Their suites are bright with white walls and wooden accents, coupled with the natural sunlight and the cool breeze blowing in, it’s a beach summer paradise.

Image by waves.byron.bay on Instagram

Their bigger suites all come with a balcony and a personal BBQ pit, making it perfect for families and groups to have a mini party overlooking the beach. Just think about it, the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the sun setting in the distant horizon, all while whiffing the smells of smoking barbeque, there’s no better way to spend the night in Byron Bay.


35 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

5. Bay Motel

Image credit: Byronbay

Perhaps when it comes to location, it’s hard to beat Bay Motel, which finds itself sitting right on Byron Bay’s Main Beach. A stone’s throw away from shops, cafes, and well, the beach.

Image credit: Byron Bay Motel

Apart from the prominent seaside location, one of the plus points that we like of Bay Motel is that their suite can accommodate up to 5 guests. From family suites to what the Bay Motel calls their hideaway suite, the rooms at the Bay Motel are all-encompassing, making it one of the most popular choices amongst travellers, especially families with young children. 


12 Bay St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

To find these hotels and other exciting options in Byron Bay, check out changihotels.com.


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