You’ve Probably Never Seen These Quietly Stunning Scenes of Taiwan

Self-taught Taiwanese photographer Max Tseng shares with us a collection of photographs featuring rarely seen everyday scenes of Taiwan.

Composed like a drawing, each shot evokes calm and stillness, even though the subjects are undeniably in motion.

Rather than technical skills and professional equipment, Max insists that the foundation of a good photograph is built on first deciding on the story you want to tell. “When you know what you want to convey, you’ll know it when the shot comes into view,” he says.

In this series of quietly stunning pictures, Max evokes an ethereal, universal sense of nostalgia, at the same time providing outsiders a rare peek into the seldom-seen pastoral character of Taiwan.

Beimen, New Taipei City

Photograph by max.tseng

“Built in 1884, the ancient North Gate (Beimen) is a monument to Taiwanese history. Today, it stands witness to the flow of Taipei’s working class as they stream past in and out of the city, bearing individual hopes, chasing individual dreams.”

Chiayi, Chiayi County

Photograph by max.tseng

“With her old-style houses, winding alleys and criss-crossing telephone wires overhead, Chiayi retains vistas of Old Taiwan. This common scene in many of our childhoods evokes memories of home.”

Zhongsan Road, Chiayi County

Photograph by max.tseng

“Every March and October, the position of the sunset transforms this section of Zhongshan Road into a natural studio. The addition of pedestrians completes the picturesque scene.”

Fields, Hualien County

Photograph by max.tseng

“Located in Eastern Taiwan, Hualien is known for her agriculture. Featuring abundant fields nestled amongst majestic mountains, these terraces look like steps carved for giants. You can’t help but feel inspired to make similarly bold strides towards your own ambitions.”

Sea, Hualien County

Photograph by max.tseng

“Just off the coast, sea freighters sail past on the Pacific Ocean. Such a simple scene nevertheless evokes a profound sense of wellness and peace.”

Coastline, Hualien County

Photograph by max.tseng

“Fishermen gather to harvest the sea at the mouth of the Hsiukuluan Sea. The eel fry they are after is a local delicacy, made into a thick stew paired with noodles that warms hearts and bellies.”

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