Discover Taipei: Top Sights & Places to Stay From $114

If it’s your first time visiting Taipei, it can be overwhelming to choose where to stay. The capital city of Taiwan is a progressive nation filled with history, food and where old culture meets new. It is also home to some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, great shopping and several historic landmarks – so if you’re looking to soak up the best of Taipei, then keep scrolling!

1. Xinyi

xinyi taipei
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Xinyi District is great for those looking for posh experience. There you will find the Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. It is also the financial and business district of Taipei, and you will also find exciting nightlife, dining and shopping options. It is the best place to visit if you’re looking to splurge and treat yourself.

Top attractions in Xinyi District:

Xinyi Shopping District: Full of fashion-forward and trendy shops that cater to every preference.

Xiangshan: Also known as “Elephant Mountain”, it is a great spot to explore within Taipei, especially if you love to hike.

Shilin Night Market: This market is one of the most famous in Taipei and for good reason, with an abundance of food vendors, local shops, as well as cinemas, arcade, and fun karaoke bars.

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2. Wanhua

wanhua taipei
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This district is for you history buffs. Wanhua is perfect for taking walks to soak in the beautifully preserved architecture – some even dating to the Qing Dynasty. Wander around and you will come across places like Longshan Temple and Bopiliao Historical Block. Of course, head out to Black Snake Alley night market where there’s more to see, do and eat!

Top attractions in Wanhua District:

Longshan Temple: One of the oldest and largest temples in Taipei, this amazing temple has been a gathering point for generations and is a beautiful cultural point to visit.

Bopiliao Historic Block: This historical and cultural site, which has been preserved, is a unique area to explore if you are looking to experience the different architectural styles of the city.

Huaxi Street Night Market: Located near Longshan Temple and the Bopiliao Historic Block, the Huaxi Street Night Market is open day and night for those looking for a culinary adventure.

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3. Da’an

Daan taipei
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“Da’an” translates to great peace and that is exactly what this district provides if you’re looking for nature within the city. You will find beautiful green spaces throughout the district such as Da’an Forest Park, its largest. Da’an also has fantastic night markets, known for their food kiosks, so venture out and get your tummies ready!

Top attractions in Da’an District

Tonghua Night Market: If you are looking for a night market to sample local dishes and without the crush of tourists, then check out the Tonghua Night Market.

Da’an Forest Park: If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, then head into the beautiful Da’an Forest Park and enjoy the pavilions, walking paths, and recreational facilities.

Shida Night Market: Located near the National Taiwan University, this night market sees a lot of foot traffic from students, so expect inexpensive food, trendy fashion choices at great prices!

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4. Zhongzheng

zhongzheng taipei
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If you’re looking for an area that features art and culture, then Zhongzheng District is for you. There are dozens of museums, educational and cultural sites, where you will be able to experience history and Taipei’s amazing background story.

Attractions near Zhongzheng District

National Taiwan Museum: The museum serves as a heritage point for Taipei as it highlights the history of Taiwan. If you are looking to learn more about the people and the natural setting of the area, then take some time out of your schedule to visit the National Taiwan Museum.

Liberty Square Arch: Construction was completed in the 1970s and the Liberty Square Arch serves as a reminder of Taiwan’s adoption of modern democracy. Be sure to check for local festivals when visiting Taipei as the Liberty Square Arch is home to the Taipei Lantern Festival.

Dongmen Market: This market is frequented by locals and is great if you are wanting to get a look at typical life in Taipei. The market caters to an early morning crowd, so get there early and get some breakfast and enjoy.

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5. Datong


datong taipei
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Datong District features night markets, museums and amazing night markets. Have a taste of the best that Taipei has to offer, at wallet-friendly prices. Choose this area if you are on a budget, love Taiwanese street markets, or are looking to experience the cultural side of Taipei.

Attractions in Datong District

Ningxia Night Market: This outdoor night market is great for visitors who are looking to sample delicious Taiwanese snacks. Don’t forget to try the pork liver soup or the fried yam balls! With so many delicious food options, you may just have to come back for another visit to try them all.

Taipei Confucius Temple: This temple is modelled after the original Confucius Temple in China and is the only temple in Taipei that is accented with southern Fujian-style temple adornments. This temple is beautiful and well worth the visit if you’re looking for a cultural stop in the Datong District.

Dalongdong Baoan Temple: Located beside Taipei Confucius Temple, the Dalongdong Baoan Temple was recognized by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation program and makes a great stop during your visit to Datong District. With intricate carvings and gorgeous embellishments, there is much to appreciate about the Dalongdong Baoan Temple.

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The original article was published on 30 January 2019.  Last updated by Kellin Chew as of 13 March 2023

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