Home Singapore Travelling to Singapore? Here’s How to Rent A Pocket WiFi
Home Singapore Travelling to Singapore? Here’s How to Rent A Pocket WiFi

Travelling to Singapore? Here’s How to Rent A Pocket WiFi


Singapore is an island city that’s always green, clean and sunny. It has been ranked as one of the best cities in Asia. Often been called the ‘Little Red Dot’, Singapore packs a punch well beyond its size, like a modern and intricate well-oiled machine.

As Southeast Asia’s commerce capital, it’s not difficult getting internet connection in Singapore. Did you know that Singapore has one of the fastest internet connection speed in the world? There are plenty of free WiFi hotspots in Singapore’s public spaces.

But as a tourist, you would want to hop on to your Instagram instantly at your choice of location, so we think it’s more effective and convenient to get a dedicated pocket WiFi or prepaid SIM card.

Benefits of Renting A Pocket WiFi

If you rely on free WiFi hotspots, you’ll have to find places with free WiFi available and you will be required to log into new WiFi network each time you need to access, and there’s always the risk of poor network security.

By renting your own pocket WiFi or buying a prepaid SIM, it is less of a hassle when you need to use the internet to get information immediately and stay in touch with family and friends. Plus, it’s easier to plan your itinerary and purchase your e-tickets on-the-go.

With a pocket WiFi, you simply need to turn on and log into the specified WiFi network, and remember to recharge it each night.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about your roaming data charges when you get back home.

How to Rent A Pocket WiFi in Singapore

Having a pocket WiFi router helps when you’re planning to use multiple devices like smartphone, laptop and tablet, and mostly you do not have intentions to make phone calls.

Once you’ve arrived in Singapore, you can actually rent from Changi Recommends counters located in Singapore Changi Airport. The rental rates start as low as SGD$7 (less than $10 USD) a day with Changi Recommends. In all four Changi Airport terminals, there are Changi Recommends counters, which operate 24 hours per day.

Changi Recommends Counter in Singapore Changi Airport

Alternatively, you can book the pocket WiFi router online via Changi Recommends and pick it up at the respective Changi Recommends’ counters located at the Arrival Hall in Singapore Changi Airport. And when you’ve come to the end of your trip, simply return the pocket WiFi router at one of the Changi Recommends counters.

Click here to book your pocket WiFi 

What’s Included in the Changi Recommends WiFi Router Rental 

When you pick up your pocket WiFi at Changi Recommends’ counter, you should received a small zipped up pouch which includes the following items:

1. Singapore Wi-Fi router with SIM card
2. 1 USB cable
3. 1 AC socket plug (3 pin)
4. Bag holder for hardware

Note that you will be required to make an authorization hold on a credit card as a deposit, which will be released after you return your pocket wifi.  For damages/lost/stolen items, the following charges will apply:

  • WiFi router SGD200
  • SIM card SGD50
  • USB cable and plug SGD30
  • Bag holder SGD2



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