McDonald’s Newest Time-Limited Yakiniku Menu!

McDonald’s Singapore has recently released a brand new Yakiniku menu that is only for a limited time. The Yakiniku series of burgers come in two flavours: Yakiniku Beef Burger or Yakiniku Crispy Chicken Burger. The Yakiniku Beef Burger comes with 100% succulent quarter pounder beef, caramelised onions, crisp white cabbage drizzled in Yakiniku sauce. The Yakiniku Chicken Burger comes with a crispy chicken patty complemented by caramelised onions and crunchy white cabbage between semolina buns.

Yakiniku Time-Limited Menu. Photo Taken From McDonald’s Singapore.

Yakiniku Vending Machine

McDonald’s is also launching this Yakiniku exclusive time-limited items available for purchase through a vending machine that is located at Level 1 Atrium of Plaza Singapura. This vending machine operates daily between 12PM – 1PM, and 6PM – 7PM. This vending machine will only offer the Yakiniku


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Previous Season’s Items Are Staying!

Some of McDonald’s previous side items are still staying on the menu due to popular demand. You can choose to pair the brand new Yakiniku series of burgers with these sides to get an extra burst of flavour. These side items are: 

  • Potato Wedges
  • Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream
  • Taro Custard Pie
  • Double Chocolate Frappe



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