Resort’s World Sentosa Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with Signature Rice Dumplings

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is once again celebrating the annual Dragon Boat Festival with a lineup of Signature ‘Filled With Decadence’ dumplings specially curated by the multi-talented culinary team at the lifestyle resort destination. The dumplings come in a set of six. With three distinct flavours, each set has 2 of each. Complementing this set of dumplings are also a bottle of Feng Shui Inn’s Signature XO Sauce, and a bottle of Osmanthus Sauce.

Resorts World Sentosa Feng Shui Inn’s Dumpling Set Featuring 3 Flavours and 2 Sauces. Photo Taken By Ethan Wang.


Be delighted by the Imperial Abalone Dumpling (上等海味鲍鱼菜莆裹蒸粽) that is nutrient-rich packed with premium dried seafood and abalone, wrapped in a preserved mustard green. This dumpling is also gluten free for those who are gluten intolerant.

The second flavour is the Double Delight Dumpling (双喜粽). A harmonious blend of sweet and savoury, this contemporary dumpling is handcrafted with tender grilled unagi and smoky bacon.

The last type of dumpling is the Yuan Yang Dumping (鸳鸯粽) which is made of a high fibre lotus paste with nutty black glutinous rice infused with aromatic gula melaka. Recommendations are for this last dumpling to be best enjoyed with a drizzle of RWS’ floral Osmanthus Sauce.

You can purchase this set from Resorts World Sentosa’s official website from now to 9th June 2024 for $128.00 SGD. Enjoy free delivery for your order with a minimum purchase of 3 dumpling sets for one location. Alternatively, you can come and pick up at your own convenience from Hotel Ora’s Lobby from 20th May to 9th June 2024, 12PM – 8 PM daily.

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