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Home Singapore WHAT TO EAT Pay As You Wish At This Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Pay As You Wish At This Indian Vegetarian Restaurant


The next time you’re craving for tasty Indian vegetarian cuisine but can’t decide between  Southern or Northern style, we recommend a trip to Annalakshmi in Clarke Quay. Established in 1986, Annalakshimi serves both North and South Indian cuisine and has been operating without a fixed price and menu. It runs purely based on the goodwill of diners to pay as they wish. The chefs and servers are made up of volunteers who sincerely wish to share their love of Indian cuisine. From what I gather after speaking to their volunteers, all Annalakshmi’s outlets in the world, not just in Singapore, are dedicated to serving Indian vegetarian cuisine for a charitable cause and it is not established for profit.


I find the concept of the restaurant refreshing, as I haven’t seen any other restaurant doing that in Singapore. And I’d recommend that you pay at least SGD$10 to $15 to enjoy the sumptuous buffet spread. You will be assigned a table upon entry followed by a welcome drink. To complete my meal, I choose a cup of warm masala chai tea because that’s how you finish a meal in Northern India, and it didn’t disappoint! As for the food, I think the number of Indians having a meal there speaks for its good quality. For a quintessential South Indian food experience, you can find lemon rice, idli, dosa and vada, along with Sambhar and Chutney.

In all honesty, I decided to visit this place to see if it’s a kind of social experiment. Don’t you worry if they will give you a side-eye if it’s your 5th time going to the buffet spread for the papadum. I realised the waiters are genuinely patient and happy to serve. The restaurant’s ambience is jovial and cosy. Dishes are replenished frequently. If you have friends who are visiting from overseas, this is one of the restaurants they need to check out.

20, Havelock Road,#01-04, Central Square, Singapore 059765, Clarke Quay

Opening Hours: 
Daily From 11AM to 3PM (Lunch), 6.30PM to 930PM (Dinner)


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