Home Recommendations Romantic Spots in South Korea for Wedding Photoshoot
Home Recommendations Romantic Spots in South Korea for Wedding Photoshoot

Romantic Spots in South Korea for Wedding Photoshoot


Travelling abroad for wedding photoshoots is popular among Singaporeans, and even more so when we’re living in the age of social media. With the ever-influential Hallyu Wave, South Korea is one of the top spots for wedding photography in Asia. As the popular K-dramas often showcase, the country is endowed with many scenic locations ideal for taking romantic, dreamy photos.

What do you look for in a destination for your wedding photography? Could it be reliving some of your favourite K-Drama moments or the dramatic landscape? We pick out some locations in South Korea that are absolutely swoon-worthy! Your most memorable wedding photoshoot awaits!

1. Ilsan Lake Park

If you love being in nature, this is for you. Ilsan Lake Park is one of the largest man-made parks in Asia. Located in Goyang city, the park is a place of comfort and serenity for the locals. The lake’s shimmering, clear waters and lush greenery provide a blissful ambience.

2. Namiseom Island

Made famous by the hit drama Winter Sonata, Namiseom Island is where the show’s leading cast Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong-joon shared their most romantic moments. The island’s charm can be felt throughout the seasons.

3. Petite France 

Another popular filming site, most notably from K-drama My Love from the Star, Petite France is inspired by the French countryside on the Mediterranean coast and is filled with beautiful forests and greenery. Petite France has its own guesthouse too so if you’re planning for an evening shoot, you might want to stay for the night and watch the french village light up.

4. Gamcheon Culture Village 

Gamcheon Culture Village has earned a few nicknames such as the Machu Picchu of Busan, Santorini of the East and even Korea’s Cinque Terre. The colourful village is ideal for a fun and flamboyant photoshoot. Plus, you don’t need to feel camera shy here, for the locals of Gamcheon Cultural Village are so used to seeing tourists posing for photos. Since it is a village nestled in the hills, so expect uneven, rocky paths and steep stairways that might pose some challenges to walk in heels.

5. Korean Folk Village

Prefer a traditional setting that is away from the city? Check out the Korean Folk Village also known as Minsok Village. Home to many period dramas, this quaint village was replicated with influences from the late Joseon period. The cultural attraction takes visitors on a journey into ancient Korea, you’ll meet characters from the past and dress like an Emperor or Queen from the Joseon Dynasty.

6. Ahopsan Forest

Ahopsan Bamboo forest is a place to enjoy a calm and peaceful afternoon, it has a sense of otherness that is quite unlike that of any typical forest we know of. Ahopsan Bamboo forest is also a popular filming site in South Korea and the most recent fantasy romance K-drama – The King: Eternal Monarch was filmed here.

7. Jumunjin Breakwater 

Fans of K-drama Goblin would recognise this location! It’s possibly the most iconic scene where Ji Eun Tak unknowingly summons the Goblin. Ever since its first appearance in K-drama Goblin, it has attracted the locals and tourists to visit the site. With the waves rippling gently and blue skies in the background, it is a mesmerising sight.


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