Discover the Breathtaking Autumn Fall Foliage in Korea’s National Parks

One of the best things to do during the Autumn season in Korea is to witness the mesmerising foliage in their national parks. See the red, yellow and orange foliage in mountains and valleys, considering going for a gentle hike and spending time basking in the atmosphere. Korea’s autumn foliage begins late-September in the northern parts of the country, peaks in mid- to late-October, and ends in southern Korea by mid-November.

Not sure how to get to the best autumn foliage experience in Korea? Fret not, you can actually book an Autumn Tour Package with Changi Recommends.  

Here are 4 national parks to check out:

Naejangsan National Park

When you search Naejangsan on google, all articles say that this is the best place to go to see the autumn fall foliage, the leaves colour the mountain a beautiful red, orange, and yellow.  

Inside the park you will visit Naejangsa temple, a temple surrounded by peaks of the mountain ranges, covered in the fall leaves, giving a perfect instagrammable picture during autumn.  


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This tour also brings you to famous waterfalls, like Dodeokpokpo Falls and Geumseonpokpo Falls, and the parks also boasts having 760 kinds of local plants, designated Natural Monuments, and various wild animals, all while enjoying a scenic hike through hillsides and pathways. 

If you are a fan of nature and enjoy taking pictures, this is a great tour package for you. 

Odaesan National Park

One of South Korea’s largest national parks, covering 303.92km2, and home to the largest natural forest in the country, this tour package will bring you to fantastic views of mountain ranges like no other.

This park is centred on the highest peak, bragging a height of 1,563 metres, as well as many other peaks to give a unique look to the park. In this tour package you will also visit Woljeongsa Temple, Ganwon Province’s most popular temple, made popular by its rich and deep history with the area.  

Learn about the temple and the national park in this tour package that brings you around during Autumn.  

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan Mountain is one of South Korea’s popular tourist destination. It is Korea’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and their fifth national park declared. It contains the third highest peak in Korea, Daecheongbong Peak, and is covered in snow five to 6 months of the year. This gave rise to the name Seorak, meaning “snowy peak,” and autumn is one of the few months you can see!  

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Join this tour package as it brings you around the national park, giving a scenic hike along the mountainside where you can catch the rich palette of reds, oranges, and yellow vibrant autumn leaves as well as snowy caps of the mountains. One of the best places to enjoy the autumn foliage for families and to get some peaceful time away from the city to enjoy beautiful nature.  

Daedunsan Provincial Park

Daedunsan Mountain is a popular mountain due to its distinctive look, having rocky outcrop peaks. After a 5-minute cable car ride, you will reach a famous suspended steep stair climb between heights, and a cloud bridge, a 50m long suspension bridge that holds itself 81m over a narrow canyon.  


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During this tour package, autumn fall foliage brightens up the mountain, giving a breathtaking scenery of autumnal hues of turning leaves, making it an excellent place to view the autumn colours and many great photo opportunities.  

This tour package is a must travel destination for all who loves to scenic views with a little bit of adrenaline.   

Depending on your choice of National Park, ticket prices can cost between SGD$67.56 to SGD$90 per pax. Book your tickets here!

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