Why You Need a Capsule Hotel Experience To Complete Your Next Japan Trip!

This is why you need a capsule hotel experience to complete your next Japan trip. Most people would assume that capsule hotels are dirty one-night accommodations in the event that all other options fail. However this is not the case in Japan. One of the world’s most advanced countries in the world have taken this concept of the capsule hotel and elevated it to an entire experience in itself.

Traditionally aimed towards budget travellers as an option for quick, cheap and easy accommodation, capsule hotels are now starting be a growing accommodation sector, from offering themed capsule hotels, to premium capsule hotels. This article will run through why this experience should be on your bucket list when you next go to Japan!


Capsule Hotels are usually conveniently located to areas of the city where there is high foot traffic nearby such as near transport hubs and the city center, etc. This offers travellers quick and easy last minute accommodation without the hassle of trying to find an Airbnb or hotel for the night offering all the essential amenities for a traveller without the need to pay for something more. 

The greatest thing about capsule hotels is that they are extremely flexible. If you arrived in the early hours of the morning, you don’t have to wait for a certain check-in time at a later time of the day. You can choose to check-in and check-out at your own convenience.

Cultural Experience

Have a cultural taste of what it is like living in small quarters, something that the Japanese are really efficient at, making good use of space. Although not the same, it gives you some perspective as to what living in their tiny sized apartments starting anywhere from 161 square feet up to 1,153 square feet for a single family home, usually the largest category. So why not live like a Japanese for a night and immerse yourself in the new culture.

Capsule Hotels also offer distinct and unique stay experiences that are vastly different to staying in an Airbnb or a typical hotel. The experience is what makes the stay a growing market in other parts of the world. 


One of the biggest perks is the budget prices of such capsule hotels. Depending on the capsule hotel itself, the average would be around $40 SGD in central Tokyo. If you are looking for a more premium capsule hotel, prices do vary accordingly. Prices range anywhere from $20 SGD up to $134 SGD.

Best in the World

Japan’s Capsule hotels, especially in Tokyo are some of the best in the world with modern, dystopian and even traditional themes. With this niche being extremely popular with the foreign budget traveler, capsule hotels are now starting to differentiate their niche product from others. For example, you now have themed capsule hotels like sauna capsule hotels and library capsule hotels. But you also have the more common dystopian capsule hotels.

Not only that but most capsule hotels in Japan have the cleanest and most spacious set of communal bathrooms for either gender which make the experience a lot more pleasant. 

Unique Capsule Hotels to Check Out!

Fancy a read or two during your vacation?

You have Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku.

Looking for a place to sleep during your layover at Tokyo Haneda International Airport?

There is First Cabin at Terminal 1, offering a range of premium ‘cabins’.

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Want a place to stay that focuses on well being?

9h Nine Hours does just that.

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Looking for a relaxed capsule hotel with a sauna?

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Hokuo has it for you.

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Looking to socialise and meet other solo travellers?

The Millennials offers that community for you.

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Are you a fan of Japanese Manga? Then this is the perfect capsule hotel for you!

Manga Art Hotel in Tokyo.

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