Roll Your Own Sushi at Nonono in Osaka

OSAKA – Japanese cuisine, strange and inscrutable as it can be, is nevertheless universally beloved. Case in point – sushi. Who would have thought that vinegar, rice and raw fish would end up a such a winning combination, producing a sublime symphony of taste that is at once decadent, wholesome and satisfying?

So masterful is the dish that people actually pay good money for the experience of watching a 30-year veteran of the craft preparing and serving the carefully hand-pressed pieces. According to whispered accounts from those fortunate enough to be friends with the 1%, a proper sushi ceremony is a once-a-lifetime experience, akin to taking a dip in a virgin sea, to be reborn on pillowy clouds.

Ok see, this is what happens when you’re forced to use your imagination to make a living. But fortunately for us (and the true-blue sushi fans), there’s a restaurant in Osaka you can go to for a bonafide roll-your-own-sushi experience. And at down-to-earth prices too!

Near the famous Kuromon Market in Osaka, there lies a rather nondescript shop with a simple noren (traditional Japanese curtain) hanging on the storefront. Located in the Osaka Nihonbashi area, Nonono Hand-rolled Sushi offers a truly unique dining experience. It is here that you get to hand-roll your own sushi, with the freedom to customise and innovate with various fresh sashimi and vegetables to create your very own sushi roll.

Photo by takumin8888 via Instagram.

As you enter Nonono, you’ll immediately notice a chef preparing platters filled with a smorgasbord of beautifully coloured sashimi and ingredients.

Coming in at 3,240 yen per set, each set features fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, Japanese tempura, and fresh sashimi from the local markets.

Each set comes with high-quality white rice from the Nara Prefecture, miso soup, and of course nori (seaweed) to hold it all together.  

Photo by takumin8888 via Instagram.

After a short tutorial and guidance by the chef, you’re free to let your creative juices flow. Take a piece of seaweed, add a little pinch of rice, and top it off with the protein of your choice (meat, fish, or tempura).  

Here comes the fun part, when adding fruits and vegetables feel free to go wild, but do take note that some of them have their original sauces and flavour pairings which come highly recommended. 

Photo by kuromon_nonono_0328 via Instagram.

We hear that the sake and special fruit wine pair amazingly with the sushi as well. The fruit wines are sourced from traditional farmhouses which grow their own fruits, so be sure to give them a try (520 yen per cup)! 

Photo by zuke.trip via Instagram.

If you’re looking for a fun and new way to experience a time-honoured tradition, we must say Nonono Hand-rolled Sushi fits the bill to a tee.

Immerse yourself in the intricacy and charm of sushi making, having a dining experience like no other.   

At Nonono, it’s all yes, yes, yes from us.  


1-18-4 Nihonbashi Chuou-ku Osaka-shi Osaka 

Opening Hours: 

Daily 11:30 AM to 1 PM, 5 PM to 9:30 PM 

Top image by zuke.trip via Instagram.

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