Get fit with Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew in this One Piece inspired gym in downtown Tokyo! 

Calling all One Piece and gym enthusiasts! There’s a gym dedicated to training like the legendary Straw Hat Pirate Crew. Introducing ONE PIECE FITNESS BragMen, the ultimate One Piece inspired gym located in Tokyo, Japan.  

It’s named after a book that Nami (a character in One Piece) found on the island Ohara. The book describes adventure tales from the Grand Line and introduces the Little Garden Island, where the Straw Hat pirates eventually journey to. Many of the workout programs and designs are inspired by this journey! But the gym isn’t just about design; it offers services that go beyond the standard to help you achieve your goals. 


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Unlike most gyms, the interior is decorated a little differently, with one side having crates, exposed piping, and brushed concrete floors mimicking the cargo hold in a ship, and the other side of the gym having wood floorings and doors with little circular windows replicating the interior of a ship. Manga panels can be seen decorated on walls as well, showing iconic moments in the One Piece manga (spoiler!).  

Apart from its interior design, the gym equipment such as the barbell is also part of the experience which is a replica of the iconic food that Luffy is always seen eating. The “meat barbell” can be used as a weight for you to train and take photos with. The irony is, it doesn’t taste very good (because it is inedible).  

Other little details can be seen on all the other machines and trainers are dressed like Marines.  

On the deck, get ready to literally train with Luffy and other characters you love. The Deck programs puts you in a studio that looks exactly like the deck of the Thousand Sunny, the ship that Luffy and his crew sails in. Decorated with wooden floors and projector screens that adds waters and skies to the surroundings of the deck, it is an immersive experience like no other. Virtual characters of the Straw Hat Crew will appear on screen and guide you through their planned programs!  

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There are 8 programs to choose from, helping you to optimally achieve the goals that you set. These programs can range from “Great Pirate Dance” that gives exercises while you dance and groove to music, to programs like “Become a Boundman” that is a high intensity and minimum impact training using mini trampolines. Other programs include things like Yoga, Pilates, and Belly Dances.  Children programs are also available! 

Photo from One Piece Fitness BragMen

If you are not sure what to do in the gym, this gym offers some amazing services that can help you on your fitness journey. Gym members can receive “Free Pirate Apprentice Support”. Trainers will provide a consultation. Using the Body Composition Analyser, body measurements and questionnaires, they will recommend programs and provide advice on nutrition and diet for you to hit your goals.  

Ranks are given as well; pirate ranks that correlate with your overall fitness. The Body Composition Analyser will measure multiple factors like body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water weight, and give you a rank depending on your general fitness.  

Just like the pirates of the Straw Hat Crew, a bounty is given to all members. Bounty is counted by the number of times you came to the gym! These bounty stacks up and are proudly displayed on your rank up sheet. Like in the show, the higher the better! 

Photo from One Piece Fitness BragMen

Within the gym, there are stores and themed cafes that sell collaboration goods. You can buy themed workout clothes, towels, protein shakers and protein powder with the emblems of the pirates.  

In the café, you can order high protein meals and drinks that are still One Piece themed. Luffy’s scar, Gol D Roger’s moustache and BragMen’s logo are on the foods bought.  

Photo from One Piece Fitness BragMen
Photo from One Piece Fitness BragMen

Located in the downtown Tokyo, a short walk from Shibuya station, this gym isn’t cheap. The entry fee for the One Piece BragMen gym is 27,500 JPY (about SGD$255) for the Premium Crew and 13,200 JPY (about SGD$122) for all other membership plans. As for the monthly fee, Premium Crew has to pay 27,500 JPY. Here are the monthly fees (and hours) for each Crew: 

All Crew: 22,880 JPY (about SGD$211) 

Day Crew (6:30 AM – 6:00 PM on weekdays): 20,900 JPY (about SGD$193) 

Morning Crew (6:30 AM – 12:00 PM on weekdays): 15,400 JPY (about SGD$142) 

Night Crew (6:00 PM – 11:30 PM on weekdays): 17,600 JPY (about SGD$162) 

Holiday Crew (8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday; 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays and holidays): 20,900 JPY (about SGD$193) 

If you are part of the Premium Crew, you can book the Deck Program as many times as you want. Also, you can decide on a pirate nickname that trainers will call you by. Any plan other than the premium crew will allow you to book the Deck Program eight times a month. Both Premium Crew and All Crew members can use the gym at all hours of the day every day of the week.  

For foreigners, because it is only available in Japan Tokyo, there is a pay per use option for us. A flat fee of JPY3850 (about SGD$35) for 5 hours of use.  

Address : Japan, 〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jinnan, 1 Chome−21−3 渋谷モディ 9F 

Located in : Shibuya MODI

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