Icy and Instagram-Ready: Edible Flower Ice Bouquet in Kyoto’s (THISIS)SHIZEN

In a social media-dominated world, getting the picture can be more satisfying than the dessert. But make no mistake, this particular spot in Kyoto will not disappoint in terms of both flavour and appearance.

Kyoto has a number of tea specialty shops where you may have a cup of freshly brewed Japanese green tea or stock up on the most recent harvest of loose-leaf tea. But this latest establishment caught our eyes and taste buds.

Enter (THISIS)SHIZEN, a relatively new shop located inside the shopping complex – ShinPuhKan in Kyoto.

ShinPuhKan is a revitalised complex with lifestyle retail spaces and a contemporary hotel that is situated in Kyoto’s City Centre.

At first glance, (THISIS)SHIZEN appears to be a studio specialising in botanical collections containing potted plants, nature-inspired paintings and decors. But there’s more to it! They actually have a menu for light bites, drinks, and fancy desserts. Now you know where to go for refreshments after all the shopping in ShinPuhKan.

To celebrate autumn and winter, they have introduced an icy and Instagram-worthy dessert – the Flower Ice Bouquet, which looks like a work of art and is far too beautiful to eat! The flavours available are sweet potato, black sesame and strawberry! Each Flower Ice Bouquet is priced at 850Yen (SGD$8) and is only available for a limited time.

However long you stay in Kyoto, it will likely be too short. Enjoy these incredible flower ice bouquets while you are there!


Address: 586-2 Karasuma-Dori Ane-Koji Sagaru Bancho Kyoto 604-8172 Japan
Direct access from South Exit of Karasuma Oike Station of Kyoto Municipal Subway

Opening hours: Daily From 10AM to 9PM

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