Where would you like to go during this time of year? Don’t you wish you were back in Japan, admiring the autumn scenery? Until then the next best thing to do is to shop for them online or send them as a form of moral support to your remote colleagues.

Get a taste of Japan with Singapore Home Cooks: Exclusive Ready-to-Eat Brown rice, Black Sesame Rice Crackers, Inari Sushi and more!

The Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association (JRE) is back once again with a showcase of new rice and innovative rice products! Supported by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, JRE is an association that comprises Japan’s top and renowned Japanese Sake, Rice, Rice Cracker, Rice Flour and Packaged Steamed Rice manufacturers.

Calling all fans of Japanese cuisine! This upcoming line-up features healthy and easy-to-make Japanese rice and rice products, from lower-calorie brown rice to brown rice with seven types of nutritious beans as well as gluten-free rice flour.

Discover a new way to enjoy Japanese rice and rice products at home as well as enjoy snacking the healthy way with your loved ones!

The ready-to-eat Brown Rice with 7 Kinds of Beans and tasty snack Fun Wari Meijin Black Sesame are available in Singapore for the first time!

They will be available for sale on Singapore Home Cooks Facebook Group on 25 October 2021, except Kinmemai Rice Flour Pancake Mix, which will be available on 13 December.


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