Bring Joy and Sweetness to Your Loved Ones With These Lunar New Year Snacks & Cakes

Lunar New Year is a much-anticipated time for Chinese families to get together and celebrate. Of course, food plays a big role in the festivities! Eating them during Lunar New Year festivities is seen as a way to express joy while wishing everyone around you a happy new year! Whether you’re looking for yummy gift ideas or simply indulging in all the festive goodies this season, we’ve got you covered! 


Usher in a bountiful Year of the Rabbit with LUNA’s limited-edition set of four delightful cakes! The Sweet Fortune CNY set is perfect for gifting or sharing with the family.

Each Sweet Fortune CNY set ($45+) comprises of 

  • Kumquat Honey Lemon
  • Pineapple Pink Guava
  • Grapefruit Black Tea
  • Sweet Potato Smoked Cheesecake

*Comes in a set of four, are not sold separately

Pre-orders are open now for delivery or self-collection (at LUNA Amoy) from 6 to 31 January (except 21 to 24 January where stores will be closed). Order now from

Soup Restaurant

Exquisitely crafted by hand, the adorable fluffy steamed Bounty Bunnies pay tribute to the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. They are artfully hand-painted and filled with a mildly sweet and creamy red bean paste that is best enjoyed warm. The Longevity Buns boast a sweet and delicious lotus paste filling that is also bound to delight. The Handmade Bounty Twin Bunnies Tower is complimentary for self-collection orders of the Reunion Take Away Set. Pre-order now at

The Hainan Story

Celebrate the auspicious year of the rabbit with limited-time only Hainanese dishes tinged with a modern twist from The Hainan Story. They are bringing back past favourites that are available exclusively in all three outlets starting from 1 January to 5 February 2023:

  1. Cordon Bleu with Pork Bak Kwa ($15.80), is sliced pork collar stuffed with fresh cheddar cheese and bak kwa instead of ham, before it is breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown
  2. Bak Kwa Butter Cake (one for $6.80, two for $11.80), sweet and savoury edition butter cake, made specially for Chinese New Year with the addition of bak kwa
  3. Golden Prosperity Pineapple Tarts ($26 for 1 bottle, $50 for 2 bottles) is a iimited edition handcrafted golden pineapple tarts that is perfect for sharing or snacking.

Note: All items are subject to GST. They are available for self-pick up via website ordering (, dine-in or takeaway. OCBC cardmembers get to enjoy 10% OFF the above items.


Bringing to the table a bounty of celebratory feasts and gifts, Swensen’s unveils their Chinese New Year lineup of auspicious offerings to ring in the New Year with an abundance of good fortune! Celebrate these golden moments as we welcome large gatherings once again moving on from two long years of restricted meetups with Swensen’s luxurious Gold Bar and/or charming Koi Ice Cream Cakes, while tossing to a prosperous New Year with the returning favourite Abalone Prosperity Yu Sheng!

The New! Gold Bar Ice Cream Cake (Comes in a pair) ($38.00, 180g x 2), is packed full of Pineapple Tart flavour, making it an irresistible treat.

Available for home delivery, takeaway and/or on all delivery platforms in a Special Cooler Box. Single pieces are available exclusively for dine-in and priced at $17.59.

Fashioned in the likeness of the revered and graceful Koi, Swensen’s brings new life to age-old traditions with the New! Abundance Gold Koi Ice Cream Cake ($38.00, 300g) that heralds in wealth for the New Year with a decadent base of Sticky Chewy Chocolate; while the New! Auspicious Red Koi Ice Cream Cake ($38.00, 300g) rings in good success and is made with the sweet and milky flavour of Hokkaido Snow with Yubari King*.

*The Hokkaido Snow with Yubari King ice cream flavour – is also available as an ice cream pint at just $16.80 each.

Pre-order is now available for both CNY Ice Cream Cakes and Yu Shen.

Ah Mah Homemade Cake

Well-loved for the famous soft and fluffy castella cakes, Ah Mah’s Lunar New Year special brings back the crowd-favourite – Chicken Floss Castella Cake 鸡肉松蛋糕 ($13.90, 600g) – for a limited time only!

Relish the medley of layered flavours with a savoury tingle from the light and wispy chicken floss; a mild creamy sweetness from Ah Mah’s homemade mayonnaise; and the nutty goodness of fragrant sesame seeds.

A quintessential festive must-have, go for the pocket-friendly Traditional Pineapple Tarts 传统凤梨酥 ($13.80, 310g), while the fragrant, buttery and crisp, Pandan Butter Cookies 斑斓牛油饼干 ($13.80, 250g) and aromatic Coffee Butter Cookies 咖啡牛油饼干 ($13.80, 250g) are sure to delight at every table!

Address: VivoCity #B2-K7, Paya Lebar Square #B1-46

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

This Lunar New Year, enjoy not just one, but Two ‘兔‘ Happy Meals from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks in the year of the Rabbit!

Set A consists of 2 XXL Crispy Chicken and 2 Freshmade Drinks, while Set B has 2 Handmade Oyster Mee Sua and 2 Freshmade Drinks, with both sets at an Auspicious price of $16.80 (UP $18.40) each.

Meanwhile at NEX and AMK Hub, the sets come with Elysian Ionized Water at $14.80 (UP $16.40). Additionally, get a FREE exclusive Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks’ Red Packet (6 pcs/pack) featuring Cute Lunar New Year Mascots with every Happy Meal purchase instores, while stocks last. The Happy Meal sets will be available from 1 Jan – 5 Feb 2023. Online platform prices vary from in-store prices.

Joy Luck Teahouse

This year, Joy Luck gives a special discount on their luxurious Box of 4 Gold Egg Tarts at the auspicious price of $19.80 (UP $22.80). Flecked with 22 carat edible French gold flakes, the aesthetically pleasing sparkle symbolises abundance, prosperity and luck and comes in a classy golden box perfect for gifting, especially for corporate clients.

For every purchase of the box of Gold Egg Tarts, you are entitled to get 1 box of 4 Fortune Pineapple Egg Tarts at $8 (UP $11.20). The Fortune Pineapple Egg Tart is a seasonal special which sees a layer of slightly tart pineapple jam sitting between the buttery cookie crust and egg custard. Pineapple heralds prosperity and good fortune, which makes this a perfect gift of joy and luck for your family and loved ones! This seasonal egg tart will be available from 1 January to 5 February 2023.   

Bread Garden

Bread Garden offers an incredible variety of delicious Chinese New Year snacks, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy something that they’d love. For the health-conscious, each treat is made with low sugar and no preservatives, so tuck into these gorgeous snacks with gusto this Lunar New Year with friends and family. 

Usher in the year of the Rabbit with Bread Garden’s gorgeous new Bountiful Goodies Box ($78.80) and Fortune Gift Bags ($36.80), each containing treats of unrivalled deliciousness! Gifting has never been so easy, with the Bountiful Goodies Box and Fortune Gift Bags being the perfect way to celebrate this lunar new year!

Shake Shake In A Tub

Shake up the happiness in the Year of Rabbit with Shake Shake In A Tub. Well-loved for its halal-certified repertoire of delicious fried chicken and fries in a variety of fun flavours, Shake Shake In A Tub brings exclusive Lunar New Year specials – the Golden Treasure Box ($48.80), that contains 18 pieces of golden nuggets (new!) along with 4 variations of fries (Luncheon, Shoestring, Curly, Crisscut), pom pom, onion rings and even popcorn chicken. Perfect for 10 to 12 pax,  get to choose from a variety of fun flavours for each item and enjoy the joy of sharing this new season.

For smaller groups, choose the perfect Fortune Bundle ($18.80), curated for 3 to 4 pax, offering classic 12 pieces of Shake Shake chicken with popcorn chicken and shoestring fries! Both sets will be made available exclusively at 111 Somerset, Our Tampines Hub, Bukit Panjang Plaza and IMM outlet starting from 10 Jan to 7 Feb 2023.

Lee Wee & Brothers

Lee Wee & Brothers launched a new range of frozen otah pastes with extended shelf lives, so you can prepare the delicious treats at home and serve them piping hot.

The new frozen otah paste offerings deliver the same taste and fiery punch. Opt for the original otah, or its variants, which come with chunks of prawn or squid that promise a gratifying mouthfeel. The series boasts four flavours: Mackerel Fish Otah Paste ($4.30), Mackerel Chunky Fish Otah Paste ($5.50), Mackerel Fish & Prawn Otah Paste ($4.65) and Mackerel Fish & Squid Otah Paste ($4.65).

Other than the new frozen range, the brand has unique otah offerings for the adventurous gourmand. A one-of-a-kind snack, the Otah Croquette ($7.95 for 350g) is both addictive and delicious. Thick chunks of the fish otah is coated with golden breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried to golden perfection. Relish the satisfying crunch in every bite!

Discover a new way to enjoy your beloved fries with the Otah Fries ($7.25 for 300g). They are made with hand-cut thick chunks of the fish otah. It has a crunchy exterior, and a soft and fleshy inside. Both the croquette and fries will go impeccably with Lee Wee & Brothers’ truffle mayonnaise.  Finally, there are the succulent and juicy Honey Wings ($9.50 for 400g). These easy-to-enjoy mid-joint chicken wings are glazed in pure honey, then barbecued to a crisp.

Infuse a spicy kick into your Chinese New Year celebrations! From 9 January – 5 February, purchase Lee Wee & Brothers Prosperity Package –  four packets of Lee Wee & Brothers Frozen Otah Paste Variants – at just $15.50 (U.P $19.10). The bundle includes:

  • 1pc of Mackerel Fish Otah Paste
  • 1pc of Mackerel Chunky Fish Otah Paste
  • 1pc of Mackerel Fish & Prawn Otah Paste
  • 1pc of Mackerel Fish & Squid Otah Paste

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