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Home Eat & Drink Lots to Love at Yakiniku Like - Singapore's First Smokeless Solo Yakiniku...

Lots to Love at Yakiniku Like – Singapore’s First Smokeless Solo Yakiniku Outlet


Japan, famously known for its strong communal mindset is facing a revolution. Increasingly, more and more Japanese are opting to partake in solo activities – from going for cocktails and karaoke to taking holidays abroad. This, from a country where less socially adept students (and even working adults!) would rather eat their lunch in the toilet than brave sitting in the canteen by themselves!

Hey, we’re not here to judge

God only knows the sweet relief of going for lunch alone after you’ve had too much of your colleagues. Besides, if you’re anything like me, you think about grilled meats every 20 hours or so. Pity the mincing, feckless cowards who refuse the food of the gods!

For reasons of company or budget, going for a good yakiniku meal is more difficult than needs to be, is what I’m saying. But that’s a problem of the past, with the launch of Yakiniku Like in Singapore!

Yakiniku Like

Hailing from Japan, Yakiniku Like offers you, the solo yakiniku diner, a quick, convenient and delicious meal, free of fuss and judgment.

Take your pick from a slew of ready-made sets that run the gamut of tastes (choose from beef, pork and chicken), meats (select your favourite cuts) and budgets (sets range from $7.80 to $29.80 nett).

There’s even an ala carte menu that lets you add more meat according to your appetite and budget – all to cook to perfection at your very own single-person table grill. Has there ever been anything so glorious?

Yakiniku Like

And yes, before you ask, the grill is electric, and comes with 5 settings for you to cook your selected cuts just the way you like it. And yes, the grill is completely smokeless – neither I nor my dining partner detected any of that telltale oily, smoky smell that used to plague BBQ lovers.

But what about the food?

In a word – delicious!

Within minutes of ordering (done through a nifty QR code), you’ll be served your chosen meat platter, accompanied by a bowl of rice, soup and your choice of kimchi or salad. And then the fun begins!

Sauce selection at Yakiniku Like

Cook your meat as you please, but before you chow down, look up. Neatly stacked before you is a variety of condiments, including a range of four Yakiniku Like sauces – Original, Sea Salt, Spicy Miso and Garlic Soy. There are also salt and pepper grinders for the purists, and for the true-blue Singaporean, cut chili and garlic chili paste.

Now, here’s the secret to creating the perfect succulent bite: Of the four sauces on offer, two (Spicy Miso and Garlic Soy) are bold and hearty, and the other two (Original and Sea Salt) light and refreshing. The key lies in choosing one bold and one light sauce, letting your meats play between the contrasts of flavours and textures.

(Or, just slather on that one sauce you can’t get enough of, or double-, even triple-dip as you please. It’s you and you alone, and the world is your wagyu sirloin.)

grill your own meat at Yakiniku Like

All kidding aside, Yakiniku Like is a fantastic, affordable way to indulge your love of yakiniku, whether you’re alone or with company. (Sharing grills and tables are available too). We really liked the good selection of meats and cuts on offer, and the wide price range, giving you freedom to enjoy a satisfying yakiniku meal that suits both tastebuds and wallet.

Also, having my own grill to tend drew my complete focus, prompting me to pay full attention to how I was cooking my meats, which cuts to place on the grill next, which sauce to use for the next flavoursome bite…

Now, in our busy hyper-filled lives, how often do we have the chance to really sit down and enjoy the moment?  Perhaps the Japanese – burdened with more commitments and considerations than any other – is on to something. There’s no shame in going solo to fully enjoy the things you like.

Yakiniku Like

  • Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road, B1-28 Paya Lebar Quarter
  • Tel: 6970 7397
  • Opening hours: Mondays to Sundays – 11am to 3pm (last order); 5pm to 9pm (last order)
  • FB & IG: @yakinikulikesg


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