Home Eat & Drink It’s the Season for All Things Sakura, Even Pizzas
Home Eat & Drink It’s the Season for All Things Sakura, Even Pizzas

It’s the Season for All Things Sakura, Even Pizzas


Spring is fast upon us and that means it is Cherry Blossom season all across East Asia.

And well, talking about Cherry Blossom, Japan is perhaps the most well-known for this soft pink bloom and many flock to the country during spring to witness Sakura flowers turn Japan beautifully pink.

But it doesn’t stop there for the Japanese because why stop at seeing and taking photos when you can taste it.

Now, if you think pineapples on pizza are an affront to the Italian delicacy, you might want to stop reading because what I’m about to present will make pineapples on pizza feel like it was meant to be.

Enter Schmatz Beer Dining, a small chain of brew pubs in Japan serving up quintessential German nosh.

From classics like sausages to schnitzel, and who can forget beer, Schmatz Beer Dining is quite the popular establishment for anyone looking for some German grub in Tokyo.

But we’re not here to talk about a German food. Here’s the doozy, come Cherry Blossom season, the Japanese German pub offers up a Sakura Cotton Candy Pizza.

Que the stunned silence. I know, I know, it’s unimaginable that something like this even exists. Schmatz Beer Dining actually has a cotton candy pizza on its regular menu, but for the Cherry Blossom, it’s offering a version with sprinkled with Sakura petals.

The pizza begins with a three cheese, thin crust base before a huge tuft of pink cotton candy is set on top of it. Finished with a scattering of Cherry Blossom petals and a drizzle of a honey-based ginger sauce, you’ve got an eye-catching creation that looks like a Sakura flower nestled on pizza.

This “pink bloom” is only limited during the Cherry Blossom season so be sure to catch it while you’re chasing the Sakura.

Well, if you ask me, I won’t be surprised if a version of this starts making its rounds around the region, and who knows, it might be the next big food trend in night markets in Singapore.



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