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The Fifty Cents Fest is the Best Way to Try Singapore Hokkien Cuisine


Ever wondered what breakfast in a typical Hokkien household looks like? Or what real Hokkien fried mee actually is (hint: very different from what you’re used to!) What other desserts belong to the Hokkiens, besides ang ku kueh?

Well, this weekend, seize your chance to sink your teeth into the meaty history of traditional Hokkien cuisine. With Hokkiens making up over 40% of Singapore’s Chinese population, Hokkien cuisine is a beloved and integral part of Singapore’s diverse culinary landscape. 

The Fifty Cents Fest This Year Focuses on Singapore Hokkien Cuisine

Small wonder then that this year’s edition of the Fifty Cents Fest is choosing to highlight the rich, flavourful heritage of Singapore Hokkien cuisine, which features some of Singapore’s most comforting and soulful of dishes – many of which are getting increasingly rare! 

Which is why you’ll want to make time to visit Chinatown Food Street on 27 and 28 July, where you will get to savour the best of traditional Hokkien fare from over 40 food stalls and mobile kiosks. And the best part? Dishes cost between fifty cents and three dollars only!

Fried Black Hokkien Noodle – $1

Ang Ku Kueh – $1

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall – $3

We hear there’ll be over 50 varieties of food and drink on offer, so there’s gonna be plenty to cover. What’s your plan for getting the best out of this once-a-lifetime Hokkien extravaganza?

The Fifty Cents Fest 2019

  • Date: 27 – 28 July (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Location: Chinatown Food Street, Smith St, Singapore 058938
  • Price: $0.50 to $3

All images used in this post courtesy of The Fifty Cents Fest.


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