Home Discoverist x CR If You Want An Excuse To Drink This Evening, Read This.
Home Discoverist x CR If You Want An Excuse To Drink This Evening, Read This.

If You Want An Excuse To Drink This Evening, Read This.


What’s the easiest and instagrammable nightcap you can make at home?


A nightcap, or the last drink of an evening, comes in many enticing forms and really, you can’t go wrong with a G&T. It’s simple, delicious and refreshing. The ideal last-call cocktail that is less likely to cause a bad hangover. Now you know why artisan gin is having a moment.

What does a Gin & Tonic taste like?

Lovers of gin and tonic typically describe this classic mixed drink as bright and zesty. The light, bittersweet flavour of the tonic water balances out the tartness of the limes as well as the vibrant aromas of gin’s botanicals, juniper and coriander.

How do you make a Gin and Tonic? 

A gin and tonic is a drink all about balance. Too much of one ingredient has the potential to alter the cocktail’s entire flavour profile.

London dry gins will be more straightforward in flavour while Singapore dry gins will be a bit more aromatic.

A gin and tonic should be crisp and refreshing, never boozy or heavy. After doing some research, ratios can vary. Some enjoy equal parts gin to tonic, others reduce the gin and double the tonic.

If you’ve never made a gin and tonic before, I highly recommend a ratio of 2:4 that is 2 parts gin to 4 parts tonic.

What you will need:


Fill a high ball glass with ice. Add gin and lime juice. Then top with tonic water. Garnish with a lime wedge or slice. Voilà! Make this mixed drink in under 5 minutes!

A classic gin and tonic needs fresh lime. If you don’t have lime, lemon is an excellent substitute.

Can’t wait to get started on making your own Gin and Tonic? Check out these recommendations available on Get it by Changi Recommends!

1. Gin-holic Bundle Deal (Sipsmith Gin + Roku Gin + Larios Gin)

Roku Gin is the debut gin from Japan’s legendary Suntory. This expression is made using a selection of botanicals, including six Japanese botanicals that provide a whistle-stop tour of the four seasons.

Sipsmith London Dry is distilled with 10 botanicals carefully selected for an even drier balance than a classic London Dry Gin. Floral, summer meadow notes, followed by mellow rounded juniper and zesty, citrus freshness.

Larios Dry Gin is made in Spain with lemon, orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lime and orange blossom, as well as wild juniper and spices.

The Gin-holic bundle deal is worth the splurge for three bottles of quality gin and it also comes with four cans of schweppes.


2. SLOE Gin Bundle Deal

Monkey 47 Sloe gin is a peppery, tangy, complex spirit.

2017 vintage of Sipsmith’s spectacular sloe gin, made with a base of their top-notch London dry gin which is allowed to rest with delicious sloe berries.

The Sloe Gin bundle deal comes with two bottles of London Essence Ginger Ale.

3. Silent Pool Gin

Silent Pool Gin features 24 botanicals, including kaffir lime, chamomile, local honey and lavender, among others, resulting in a subtly sweet though intricately-balanced tipple.

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