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GREAT RATE ALERT: Get MYR 3.05 per SGD1 With Changi Recommends FX Service!


You have extended your leave for the Lunar New Year for that extra long holiday. You have planned out your entire itinerary, booked your air ticket, and made reservations at the luxurious hotel you have been eyeing for the longest period. What’s next?

Why, exchange your money of course! While cashless travel might be the future of travel, cold hard cash is still very necessary for a hassle-free holiday. Cash is still king, especially in street markets suffused with the fragrant aroma of local street delicacies.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have always felt that exchanging currency is a huge pain in the neck. Precious time has to be wasted on researching trustworthy places for the best rates, when the time could be better used for further research on (or dreaming about) my holiday.

But now, I no longer have to worry about getting scammed by dodgy Forex shops, for Changi Recommends has created a brand new Forex service that has the added convenience of home delivery. Now I’ll have even more time to watch my YouTube videos for my holiday inspiration instead!

And for those of you who already have plans for a short respite in Malaysia, there’s an even better news for you. Changi Recommends currently has a promo for Malaysian Ringgit, with an unbeatable rate of SGD 1 to MYR 3.05!

For convenience at your doorstep, unbeatable rates, and a trusted brand, exchange your currency now by clicking here!


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