Titanic II: A Replica of Titanic in The Modern Day Debuting in 2027

Are you a fan of the 1997 iconic blockbuster film directed by James Cameron, Titanic? Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is exactly that who has attempted multiple times in the past to launch a replica of the infamous luxurious ocean liner the RMS Titanic, naming it Titanic II. Clive Palmer is the chairman of Blue Star Line (an homage to the original Titanic’s parent company White Star Line), the supposed new parent company that will introduce the Titanic II.

The Titanic II is expected to be retracing the ill-fated maiden voyage journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Southampton, United Kingdom to New York City planned for 2027. Palmer wants to recreate the maiden voyage of what should have been, mirroring the entirety of Titanic’s transatlantic crossing. The Titanic vessel collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean early into it’s journey in 1912 before it began to sink. This had been the most iconic ocean tragedy in the last millenium killing more than 1,500 passengers. After the planned maiden voyage in 2027, Titanic 2 is then said to circumnavigate the globe to different ports of calls.

Palmer’s project has been in the works since 2013, however due to the global pandemic, the project had been halted many times. Palmer however, has now reignited and promised to finally go ahead and to start the process of constructing the Titanic II after claiming that he now had sufficient funds to realize the dream. Estimated to cost roughly $1bn AUD, the 56,000 tonne vessel will have nine decks. Every cabin class, the interior and exterior of the ship will be a replica of the Titanic on the Titanic II. Significant modern day safety features will also be added ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew who board it.

Rendered Image of Titanic II’s Grand Staircase, An Exact Replica of the Original Titanic. Photo Taken From Blue Star Line.

The recreation of Titanic II is done to honor the 100-year commemoration and tragedy of the Titanic. Slated to begin construction by January of February 2025, Palmer has not confirmed which Shipyard the vessel will be constructed at.

Would you be interested in taking a chance to experience what it must have been like travelling on the ill-fated Titanic over a 100 years ago?

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