I Don’t Enjoy Cleaning My House But These Vacuum Cleaners Make My Life Easier


House cleaning is a task that most people love to hate. I should know, I’d rather work or play than take the time to clean. It is tiring and takes up so much time in a day. But for the few people who enjoy cleaning, it is almost therapeutic to find things covered in dust and mould made spotless.

However, one thing is undeniable: house cleaning is a demanding task. There is just so much to think about when cleaning houses. From bending backs to reach low places to climbing for high ceiling corners, this task demands so much attention and energy that it could potentially exhaust an entire workday. While many cleaning products could help relieve us from the stress of actually cleaning, which of them matter?

Thank goodness for modern technology, right?

Nowadays, most electronic products available in the market makes tedious tasks like cleaning a bit more bearable. If you’re time-pressed every day like me, maybe having a robot vacuum cleaner could come in handy. I could just swipe my phone and continue to work while the vacuum roams around keeping the floors sparkling and spotless. If I wanted to be thorough with cleaning, I would probably use a cordless vacuum as well. It’s super lightweight, so I don’t have to carry heavier than I initially have to, and it’s safer since no wires are lying around. That is just fantastic because I could easily reach the corners of my cobwebbed ceiling with ease.

There are many unique vacuum cleaners available in the market today. Because there are so many different types and models of these household appliances, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. With that being said, I’ll take you through some of my favourites.


The DIBEA D18 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers proficient cleaning through its effortless and lightweight design, which can be easily handled when reaching tough, obscured areas in your home. The DIBEA D18 Pro can also traverse any surface easily and can adapt to any house. Storage is also no problem for this tool as it can be easily stored without taking up a lot of space. The Dibea D18 Pro is a great choice as it is also reasonably priced. Who knew that such an effective cleaning tool can also be this discrete?

F20 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If high-precision cleaning is needed, the DIBEA F20 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has multiple power options for its suction. It can be gentle on delicate surfaces, and with a turn of a switch, it cranks its power much faster. And for even more cleaning options, the DIBEA FC20 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a motorised mop, giving you more ways to keep your home spotless.

For a hands-free cleaning experience, vacuum robots may help save time and energy to maintain cleanliness throughout homes.

These automated wonders keep the house clean without its owners giving too much thought and can be easily monitored from anywhere through built-in apps inside the unit. Their compact designs work very well on the floors and low places inside the house and are installed with multiple sensors to avoid collisions.

Depending on your floor type, the iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mop can also adapt to different spaces and houses through its changeable cleaning pads and high-powered water jet sprays. It has a straightforward interface as well and can be learned almost immediately.

Dibea D500B Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Meanwhile, the DIBEA D500B and the DIBEA GT200 Robot Vacuum Cleaners has incredible versatility when it comes to cleaning and can fit on low spaces thanks to their compact design. It is comprehensive when cleaning, and despite its size, high-volume water tanks and dust bins are built inside the unit, so maintaining these robots in good shape takes little to no effort. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Pro is also a brilliant option for a robot vacuum cleaner as it efficiently maps out its routes according to its owner’s settings before beginning to clean. Specific options for the robot are also easily manageable, whether the situation demands sweeping, mopping, or both.

Cleaning is an incredibly tedious chore to do. But with modern vacuum cleaners having more functions while becoming more lightweight means cleaning is less of a hassle than it was years ago.

Maintaining cleanliness at home feels more rewarding with these vacuum cleaners that require less effort and time.

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