Feeling Lucky? Win up to $15,000 and more with Changi Mobile


It’s no child’s play. You don’t even need to break a sweat or to figure out Ivan and Helen’s coins. There are no deadly consequences. Got a number and a mobile phone? Perfect.

How do you win, you ask?

Keep your existing mobile number by porting it to Changi Mobile and stand a chance to win a grand draw!

Changi Mobile is giving away $1000 cash monthly to 5 winners each month. The sooner you switch to Changi Mobile, the more chances you have to win each lucky draw! 


When you’re the first 1,000 to port over to Changi Mobile by 31 Oct 2021, you’ll get a FREE one-month subscription!

Spend More Time With Yourself Than With Your Phone Bills

Changi Mobile makes it simple for you to save and enjoy all the perks with a variety of plans, from as low as $15 per month. You should be spending your time doing things that matter to you, not worrying about running out of data or incurring hefty bills!

Changi Mobile will never force you into buying extras you don’t need, so you’re only paying for services that keep you connected. There will also be a wide range of surprises and discounts for Changi Mobile users in the year 2022, so stay tuned for more information!


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