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Home Discoverist x CR 4 Exquisite Booze and Food Pairings For Your Next Happy Hour At...

4 Exquisite Booze and Food Pairings For Your Next Happy Hour At Home


Thinking about what drinks to pair with your lunch, dinner or dessert? Aside from the most popular food pairings like wine and cheese, or red wine and steak, check out these 4 exquisite spirits below, which pairs well with seafood, steak, cheese, cured meat, cakes and desserts. Now, it’s easier than ever to enjoy happy hours at home with delivery services.

BAILEY’S Irish Cream works well with cakes, desserts, as well as coffee and tea too

Can’t go to Ireland? Just grab a bottle of delicious Irish Cream liqueur. The taste of it will make you feel like you’re on a Christmas Holiday. Bailey’s Irish Cream is Ireland’s most famous export. A perfect blend of aged Irish Whisky, fresh Irish dairy cream and cocoa, Bailey’s has always been every bartender’s favourite.

You can add them into your dark chocolate icecream, or use it as a creamer for your coffee or tea. One thing’s guaranteed: with a bottle of Baileys, your drinks are sure to be delicious.

Best match with Seafood, Raw Fish and Cured Meat 
Roku Gin 

If you’re a fan of Gin, this bottle should be in your collection. ‘Roku’ in Japanese means ‘Six’, which refers to the six Japanese botanicals used to produced this craft gin. Sakura flower (cherry blossoms), sakura leaf (cherry leaf), sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea), sansho pepper, and yuzu are utilized along with eight other traditional gin botanicals.

Roku Gin is light and refreshing with hints of the Japanese botanicals, it is extremely easy on the palate and pairs well with rich seafood dishes and cured meat.

Havana Club 

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to travel all the way to Cuba to bring home a bottle of this 100% aged Cuban Rum, possibly the best rum in the world. The Havana Club 3-Year-old Rum is a prestigious white rum that is often used as a perfect base for Mojito.

Intense vanilla and smoky aromas backed by notes of caramelised pear and banana, Havana Club 3-Year-old Rum is a perfect match for seafood and raw fish.

Best match With Steak and Cheese 
Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray Gin is one of the most prestigious gins in the world. Founded in England by Charles Tanqueray, son of a pastor, he found his calling in gin-making. His ingenious pursuit for perfection paid off, creating Tanqueray London Dry.

Tanqueray Gin is known for its dominant Juniper berries note, while Tanqueray Gin No.10 is adored for its citrus, fruit, grapefruit and lime flavour notes.

A slice of strong cheese with the humble cracker balances really well with Tanqueray Gin No.10, it’s one of the most underrated food pairings. Alternatively, goat cheese and smoked cheese are perfect partners too.

You can even incorporate a little bit of gin into your meat marinades. The citrus notes in Tanqueray Gin No.10 can bring out the flavours of the steak.


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