Here’s Where to Get the Best Alcohol Bundles in Singapore

Two years ago, on this day, my archived stories on Instagram brought me back to a time when everyone on the streets walked freely without masks, I was gallivanting and tasting different types of soju and makgeolli in Seoul. I met a few travellers and ate at a local restaurant in Itaewon and learnt a popular Korean drinking game called Titanic.

Two years later, I’m living through a pandemic now, drinking beer at home after working from home. Technically, people in Singapore are allowed to go out as Singapore is in phase 2 of safe reopening but there are queues and crowds everywhere over the weekend and you can’t be seen enjoying a nightcap at your favourite spot after 1030pm.

The pandemic is not over yet.

So, to be a good citizen, I’m stuck staying at home. For social drinkers, the idea of drinking at home can be boring but you can always host a Netflix watch party or invite a few friends (less than 5) to play Overcooked! online together. Alternatively, you can pretend you’re sipping on tasty drinks here at National Gallery’s Rooftop Bar – Smoke & Mirrors.

Now, back to my main topic: where to score the best alcohol bundles in Singapore. Drinking at home is, in fact, more affordable and kinder to your wallet. There has never been a better time to start building a home bar of your dream than now.

Head over to Get it By Changi Recommends for the best price guarantee wine and spirits. There are plenty of attractive alcohol bundles up for grab. Your fellow imbibers would be glad to know. If you’re planning for a staycation, you know where to get your choice of libation.

Whisky bottles
Nikka Partners Bundle available on Get it By Changi Recommends
Alcohol set
Choya Bundle Set is available on Get it By Changi Recommends
Beer and shot glasses
Soju Bomb Bundle available on Get it By Changi Recommends

For the wine lovers, this is the Mix & Match bundle you need!

Wine bottles
Mix and Match 5x Merlot,Pinot Noir & Shiraz 75cl FREE 1x Bottle 75cl available on Get it By Changi Recommends
Best Price Guarantee – Get it By Changi Recommends is offering up to 60% off for wine and spirits. 

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