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Home Discoverist x CR 5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner

5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner


Besides smartphones and wireless internet, which modern conveniences you can’t live without? Have you thought about the coolest invention of the 20th century – air conditioning system? It has forever changed the way we live, especially in tropical Singapore.

Notice the change in your mood when you stepped into a shopping mall or restaurant after being out under the sweltering heat? The cool breeze from the air-conditioner is a great relief from the humidity and heat. (Occasionally, the haze from neighbouring countries).

With the ability to alter the weather via air-conditioners, it has allowed us to build skyscrapers, swanky shopping malls and indoor gardens. It is not an exaggeration to call Singapore an air-conditioned nation — every 8 out of 10 households in Singapore owns an air-conditioner. For many, sleeping without the air-conditioner switched on can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

The average lifespan of air-conditioners is about 6 to 8 years, but it depends on your usage habits. For instance, if you use it for 8 hours daily without proper maintenance then it will shorten its service life. Simply knowing how to change your habits can help to keep the cooling system running efficiently for years to come.

Now, have you thought about how you could be unwittingly damaging your aircon unit every day?

5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner

1. Leaving the windows and doors open while the AC is running

When you leave the windows and doors open, you’re essentially wasting electricity and making your aircon work twice as hard and inefficiently. As the air conditioner gives off cool air, it moves towards the warm areas and eventually, the entire area becomes cool. The temperature monitor or thermostat in the aircon constantly keeps check on the room temperature, as soon as the room temperature is up to the level you’ve pre-entered, the system will turn itself off to conserve energy. So when you leave the windows and doors open, the warm air constantly adds pressure to the aircon compressor as it has to work excessively to maintain the temperature you’ve set which will increase your electricity bills.

2. Adjusting the thermostat frequently

The last thing you want is being uncomfortable at home, but did you know that adjusting your aircon temperature frequently is as good as damaging it? The aircon thermostat monitors the room temperature and when the room temperature reaches the level you pre-entered, the system will stop running, this is design to optimise the aircon performance and conserve energy. But if you change the temperature, the system will start running again. Therefore when you change the temperature frequently, you’re causing the system to go into overdrive. In the long run, the aircon will become inefficient in cooling the room. It is highly recommended to set a temperature you’re comfortable with and leave it at that.

3. Forgetting to off the aircon before cleaning

The first step to cleaning the aircon is switching the power off first. You wouldn’t want the electricity to be running as it puts you in danger. There is also a possibility of water getting into the inner components and causing damage instantly.

4. Not using the right chemical cleaner for aircon

Just like there are different cleaning agents for laundry and dry cleaning, there are specific chemicals for removing debris and dust off the aircon. Even though you can clean the aircon on your own that doesn’t mean you’re doing it completely right. You need to know which chemical cleaners to use without damaging the gears and the proper steps to be taken after cleaning too, such as rinsing off the chemicals. Sounds complicated? I think it is best to get the experts to do it. You wouldn’t want the machine to be conked out after you tried cleaning it which turns out to be more costly to repair, or even worse, the aircon might emit a foul smell due to improper cleaning.

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5. Lack of routine maintenance plan

There are many components in an aircon unit such as coils, filters, and fins, for it to operate efficiently you need a regular tune-up. You might think that it is easy to clean or change the filter on your own but how often would you do it on top of your other responsibilities? You have already spent a few thousand dollars on your aircon units and it should last several years. But without regular maintenance, you might end up forking out more for repairs and it might affect your electricity bills too. It’s about time you check when did you last serviced your aircon.

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