5 Dessert Places in Sydney You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Rivareno Gelato Barangaroo

Rivareno Gelato is an authentic artisanal gelato cafe. This shop is easy to spot, located next to many different alfresco restaurants that line the water in the newer commercial waterfront district of Barangaroo. Their Gelatos are velvety smooth, and they have a wide range of flavors.


Rivareno’s gelatos are made fresh daily and made in small batches of up to 4kg a day to ensure high quality freshness of their gelatos. Their gelato recipes are based on the traditional Italian chocolates invented in Turin in the 1800’s. If you’re too full after a meal for such a treat, you could grab a chilled granita or their fruit sorbets which are much lighter.

Address: Barangaroo Alexander Shop 4 33 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo New South Wales 2000


This Japanese dessert cafe solely focuses on matcha and all things matcha. From Ice cream to beverages, coffees, cakes and pastries. They have everything to satisfy your every matcha desire.


Oh!matcha mixes a combination of a contemporary cafe setting and the natural and healthy offering of traditional Japanese matcha to the busy downtown life of the Sydney central business district. Located in George Street, it is easily accessible and a convenient stop to add after dinner in the city.

Address: Shop 11/501 George St, Sydney 2000 NSW Australia

Mapo Newtown 

Mapo Newtown is another gelato shop located very centrally in Sydney along Newtown. What’s great about Mapo is that they sell themselves on sustainable and natural quality ingredients that give the varying shades of color for each flavor. These are all sourced locally from farmers in the region and so, recipes change according to the seasons and what is available.


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One of their most popular flavors that is a must try is their Ricotta and Habenero Honey gelato. This shop is well known for creating unique flavors and brand-new delectable experiences with unheard pairings of natural ingredients. This is great if you’re looking for a break from the typical common gelato flavors like pistachio, chocolate, strawberry, etc. Additionally, they also sell granitas as most other gelato shops do.


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Address: 123 King Street, Sydney New South Wales 2042

C9 Chocolate & Gelato Newtown

Best known for being Australia’s premium chocolate and dessert bar, with 22 different outlets across the states of New South Wales and Victoria. The one thing I really like about C9 is that because they offer customers the option to buy customizable tubs of their favorite flavors of gelato ranging from different sizes from 0.5 liters to 1.5 liters. This can be a single flavor or a mix of flavors.

Address: 199 King Street, Sydney New South Wales 2042

Gelato Messina

The well-known chocolate and dessert brand for pop up stalls and collaborations around Australia, is a guaranteed heaven for all chocolate and gelato lovers alike. Similar to C9, Messina also offers tubs to take home, however the difference is that these tubs are for pre-made limited edition with layers made up of gelato, pretzel, mousse and Chantilly cream on top, specially for Valentines Day.


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Fun Fact: Messina also has a fine dining restaurant called ‘Messina Creative’ offering a 6-course degustation menu where each course has incorporated gelato in one way or another. If you do want to try this experience, you have to join the waiting list as bookings for this year only open from 1st February 2024 (09:00am).


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With 35 different traditional flavors in store and 5 weekly rotating flavors, you are easily spoilt for choice with most of gelato bases mostly made from chocolate. The secret to their recipes? They have their own dairy farm which provides Messina with the super creamy jersey milk, which they claim to be the highest quality amongst many others.

Address: 262 King St, Newtown New South Wales, 2042

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