There Was No Coffee – A Coffee Specialty Café with Unconventional Fruit-infused Lattes Located at Orchard Gateway

There is a new coffee spot in town – There Was No Coffee.

There Was No Coffee 本来不该有 is a coffee concept that made its way from Shenzhen. Following their mainstream success in China, they expanded to Singapore with their first outlet at Orchard Gateway.

Image from There Was No Coffee Website

What initially popularised There Was No Coffee was their storefront, which was intentionally designed to resemble an ATM Machine. The same metallic design can be found at their outlet in Orchard Gateway.

Image by @doggaebi on Instagram

Offering unconventional unions of flavour, you can expect Watermelon Latte, Avocado Latte, Durian Latte and other whacky fruity choices. The fruits and coffee pairing is rather unexpected, which inspired their name (本来不该有 loosely translate to ‘Shouldn’t Be There’).

Image by @doggaebi on Instagram

Their fresh fruit flavours offer a nice refreshing twist to your normal latte. More adventurous flavours include Durian and Avocado. If you are looking to try something tamer, Mango, Grape and Watermelon are safer choices (though the combination with coffee might need getting used to).

Image from There Was No Coffee Website


There Was No Coffee (本来不该有)

Opening Hours: 09:30 – 22:00 Daily
Address: 277 Orchard Road, orchardgateway, #01-08 Singapore 238858
Nearest MRT: Somerset


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