Venture Beyond the Ordinary: Discover Three Opulent Resorts Amidst Jungles and Oceans from Koh Samui to Desaru Coast

Escape the city without experiencing jet lag. From Koh Samui to Bali’s central highlands to nearby haven Desaru Coast, these perfect spaces offer rare experiences and curated activities to enrich the mind, body, and spirit.

Discover three ultra-luxurious resorts surrounded by rainforests and ocean views

One&Only Desaru Coast

Are you ready to escape to a tropical paradise? Step into the unspoilt nature and warm tropical waters of Malaysia, where the One&Only Desaru Coast beckons. Nestled amidst lush jungle flora and pristine white powder sands, this spectacular hideaway offers the perfect blend of seclusion and serenity. Designed by the renowned Australian architect Kerry Hill, known for his deep respect for nature and obsession with sleek lines, One&Only Desaru Coast effortlessly combines nature with exquisite architecture. Get ready to surrender to the allure of this tranquil oasis along the South China Sea.

For nature lovers, wild treasures beckon to be discovered at One&Only Desaru Coast. Wan, the resort’s resident Naturalist, reveals wondrous pockets of nature deep within the resort’s natural grounds – the peaceful Panti Forest is home to white-handed gibbons, dusky leaf monkeys, pig-tailed macaques, Oriental pied-hornbills, short-tailed babblers and more. For closer moments with the wild, unforgettable resort experiences include birdwatching expeditions, chef’s garden discoveries and more.

With Wan’s expert guidance on the sunrise gibbon tours, guests can spot different species of monkeys and birds native to the forests of Malaysia, and immerse in birdsong while enjoying a private picnic in the rainforest shaded by tall trees. For adrenaline seekers, The View from the Top is a thrilling tree-climbing experience that takes guests to a viewing platform atop the rainforest canopy, featuring breathtaking views of Desaru Coast from the peak of a magnificent tree.

Buahan, A Banyan Tree Escape

Away from buzzing Ubud, Buahan, A Banyan Tree Escape is a secluded escape where time passes at a different pace.

As a sanctuary for wellness, Buahan offers a truly authentic encounter with nature’s frequency and one’s interconnectedness, with a ‘No walls, no doors’ concept that immerses guests into its sweeping 180-degree views of lush Balinese jungles and mountain peaks, amid undisturbed sounds of nature.

Buahan presents you with exclusive access to exhilarating resort adventures and a holistic well-being reboot, starting with the predominantly plant-based food menu that nourishes both body and soul.

For busy professionals craving a much-needed reset, Buahan’s breathtaking experiences are thoughtfully designed to cultivate inner positivity. Prepare to indulge in a plethora of health-enhancing activities that reconnect you with nature, including Moon Yoga and Aerial Silk Yoga, guided by our in-house expert practitioners.

For guests keen to discover a true disconnection from the outside world and gain a deeper understanding of self, Buahan’s Enlightenment Journey is a profound ceremony to purify and reconnect with one’s divine energy within, where guests will receive a blessing and astrological sign readings by a priest in the local village temple.

Napasai, A Belmond Hotel, Koh Samui

On Koh Samui’s northern shore lies Napasai, A Belmond Hotel—an inviting retreat that beckons you to escape the ordinary. Nestled among 43 acres of palm-shaded gardens between jungle and sea, this tranquil tropical paradise offers guests an easy breath with the heady scent of frangipani blossom, while gazing out across the golden sands, in the atmosphere of true serenity.

With traditional touches adorning its bamboo interiors, Napasai’s sun-drenched balconies reveal sweeping sea views, effortlessly blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Napasai offers endless opportunities for leisurely relaxation in the great outdoors, set amongst lush gardens of cashew and coconut groves, between hibiscus and bougainvillea, and grazing resident water buffaloes. Whether one seeks Thai tranquility on golden sands at the resort’s private beach or desires action-packed resort activities, from jungle bike tours to windsurfing and Muay Thai boxing, Napasai’s guests find themselves effortlessly caught between peace and adrenaline. Nature enthusiasts can venture on a jungle trek with the resident photographer to unlock the mysteries of capturing Koh Samui’s vibrant foliage or visit the Samui Elephant Sanctuary, an ethical retreat where they can interact with these majestic gentle giants in their natural habitat. For well-deserved wellness sessions, Napasai’s Spa offers the botanical secrets of Asia, blending local herbs with the timeless principles of Thai medicine. Embrace a holistic approach that will leave guests radiant and refreshed.

Napasai’s commitment to sustainable tourism goes beyond its grounds as well as energy and waste reduction. Napasai recently planted mangrove and coconut trees in infestation-ravaged areas and received the Thai Department of Environmental Quality and Promotion’s Green Hotel Award for its environmental efforts. Napasai releases crabs and fish near the reef to help the ecosystem thrive and works with local communities to promote conservation and environmental protection.

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