Here’s What to Know When Purchasing a Japan Rail Pass Before the Price Increase

From October 1st, 2023, the popular Japan Rail Pass will be seeing a 70% price increase. If your trip to Japan is scheduled for before the end of the year, you can still get the Japan Rail Pass at the best price possible, if you purchase it at the right time.

It is important to note that the price increase will only affect passes purchased after October 1st, 2023. Therefore, if you plan to visit Japan in the upcoming months, it is highly advisable to take advantage of the current pricing and purchase your Japan Rail Pass before the October 1st. However, it’s important to take note of the following:

  • Make sure that your arrival date in Japan is within the 3-month window to exchange your JR Pass after your order! This means that if you purchase your JR Pass on 26 Sep for an arrival date in Japan of 26 December 2025, you will have overshot your 3-month window and your pass will no longer be valid.
  • Make sure the information given to issue your Japan Rail Pass is 100% accurate and matches your passport information! Indeed, Japan Railways Group will not accept modifications on passes purchased before the price increase after October 1st, and will only accept a new pass. This means that if you need to make a change on your JR Pass order, it will be voided, and you will need to buy a new Japan Rail Pass, at the increased price.
  • If you are traveling in October, please purchase your JR Pass before the price increase now. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money and secure your pass before the price hike takes effect.

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