4 Essentials to Help You Fall Asleep On A Long-Haul Flight

Are you sure about your window seat?

“Yes, the view is worth it.”

It’s going to be a long 14 hours.

“I will be fine as long as I get some shut-eye and manage my liquid intake.”

I wrestled with this dilemma when I was just about to hit the confirm button on the web browser.

3 minutes later… My seat selection is confirmed.

Not sure about you, but for me, one of the greatest pleasures of flying is the thrill of watching the world shrink while taking-off. One might spot a cottage amidst the mountains or ships moving languorously in the Mediterranean Sea.

Just so you know, one century ago, no one had ever seen the world from this vantage point. According to Smithsonian’s Air & Space Magazine, the term “jet lag” was coined in 1966. 

Travelling can be exhausting but flying needn’t be (if you’re well-equipped).

With nothing else expected of you in the mid-air, besides deciding on what to eat and drink, it is sensible to use the time to rest and recuperate so that you can be all the more productive when you eventually hit the ground. 

That being said, sleeping in economy class can be a challenge. 

According to frequent fliers and sleep experts, getting a good rest in mid-air is about making yourself as comfortable as possible in spite of the physical constraint. But how should one recline the seat without being called rude? 

My take is, please look back before you recline your seat and it is only polite to put your seat in an upright position during meal service.

Since the reality of flying long-haul in economy class can be uncomfortable for most, then one must try to devise a pre-flight strategy and make subtle manoeuvres for a pleasant journey.

Personally, I have learned to embrace long-haul flights. Here are some of my favourite accessories that will help you get some shut-eye in the sky so that you can land with a spring in your step!

This Works – Deep Sleep Breath in Roll-on (8ml)

There are times when even if you’re in your coziest travel ensemble, you’ll still find it difficult to fall asleep. You’re tempted to order alcohol, which will cause you a headache after that. I recommend using This Works Deep Sleep Roll-on, which is an aromatic blend of therapeutic oils that will help you unwind naturally. Simply apply it on your pulse points such as wrists, foreheads and temples, then inhale deeply a few times. The aroma will relax your senses, and you’ll drift to sleep in no time.

Where to buy: Sephora

Trtl Pillow

Image by trtlpillow via Instagram.

I have never gone on a plane without bringing along a travel pillow. I can do without the rest of the accessories here, but not this one. Trtl Pillow is a washable, lightweight pillow. Unlike the typical bulky neck pillow, the Trtl Pillow is fully adjustable and wraps around your neck comfortably like a scarf.

Where to buy: Amazon

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

If you’re a light sleeper, earplugs are vital for enjoying a long period of undisturbed sleep. Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs are affordable and highly recommended by healthcare professionals.

Where to buy: Amazon

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Image by slipsilkpillowcase via Instagram.

A game-changer. I’ll never look at an eye-mask the same way again. Beauty sleep is not fiction, it is a fact. This luxurious sleep mask is created by the maker of Silk Pillow Case – Slip, and only uses the highest-grade mulberry silk that feels delicate on skin. So, if you wish to feel like a pampered guest in economy class, simply don this pure silk sleep mask.

Where to buy: Slip

About 5 hours into the 14-hour flight, I furtively glanced over at my flight neighbour and prayed that he would wake up so that I could make my way to the lavatory… and that will be another story about how to survive the long-haul flight apart from sleeping.

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