Day Trip From Seoul: Things to Do At Nami Island

Korea’s “Fairy Tale Village and Song Village”, Nami Island, is a popular destination among families and couples. From its beautiful tree lined roads to its culture and arts, children’s imagination can run free while couples create new memories on this island. 

Many Korean dramas, like Winter Sonata, were filmed on this island. Many avid fans of the drama have visited the island to relive some of their favourite scenes.  

When planning a trip to Nami Island, located in the city of Chuncheon, approximately 63km northeast of Seoul, it’s important to consider the travel distance and time. The journey from Seoul alone takes around 2 hours, so why not maximize your adventure by exploring nearby attractions?

To help you make the most out of your visit, here’s a curated list of the 7 best attractions in the vicinity of Nami Island.

Petite France  

Inspired by the book “The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry”, Petite France is a vibrant French village that stands out with its brightly coloured French-styled buildings surrounded by a stunning mountain range and lake. Statues and murals are placed at every corner of the place as a tribute to the little prince, and a small exhibition space can be found inside the village.  


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There are antiques scattered throughout the park, having antiques from porcelain dolls to decorated plates. Performances and informational talks will also happen throughout the day, teaching you about this little village, the antiques or the book. 

This place takes around 2 hours to explore, leaving you with plenty of time to go visit Nami Island and visit other places.  


Pricing for adults are 12,000KRW 

Teenager tickets are 10,000KRW 

Children (Age 3 years to 12 years) are 8,000KRW 

Address: 1063 Hoban-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 


Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian village 

Right next to Petite France houses Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian village 

If you want to feel an Italian atmosphere, this is the latest place to head over to. Built in 2021, this giant theme park follows the cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome, with buildings and rooms looking just like the real thing.  

Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian Village is the only theme park in Korea to partner with the Collodi Foundation, a foundation started by the author of Pinocchio. Puppet shows can be seen throughout the day and Pinocchio can be seen inspired in a lot of murals and statues. An exhibition of “The Adventures of Pinocchio” was created for this classic character.  

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Leonardo Da Vinci is also appreciated in this village, having an exhibition dedicated to his life works and his story. Replicas of Da Vinci’s paintings are displayed here, along with many other of his inventions and magnificent work. 

This place is a must visit, especially if you have just visited Petite France as they are right next to each other.  

Adult tickets : 16,000KRW 

Teenager tickets : 12,000KRW 

Children (Aged 3 years to 12 years) : 9,000KRW 

Address : 073-56, Hoban-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do 


The Garden of Morning Calm 

This Garden, nicknamed after Korea’s nickname “The Land of the Morning Calm”, was created to be an essence of Korea’s natural beauty of floral arrangements and landscapes built in harmony with the surrounding. A crazy 27 different themed garden areas to explore, there will definitely be picture perfect places for your Instagram.  


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In the Autumn season, between mid-September to early December, a stunning scenery of the fall foliage colours the ground, making a scenic view of the garden. There will also be Autumn exclusive exhibitions like the Wild chrysanthemum Exhibition, Chrysanthemum Exhibition, and the Maple festival.  

From December to March, winter takes over the garden. White snow will blanket and dazzle all the flora, giving a winter wonderland like look. At night, a display of Christmas lights will light up in the night, making it a popular destination. 


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Adult tickets : 11,000 KRW 

Youth : 8,500 KRW 

Children : 7,500 KRW 

Address: 432 Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 


Gangchon Rail Bike 

As a retired subway line, Gangchon Rail Bike cycles on these old functional tracks for a scenic view of the area. With mountains, fields, and a river, this is the best opportunity to take in the Korean countryside’s beauty.  

The cycle is non-strenuous, however if needed, there is a stop halfway, allowing you to rest and have snacks before continuing. At the end of the bike trail, the ‘Romance Train’, a 20-minute train ride, will bring you back to the starting point and give you scenic views at the same time. The whole attraction will take about an hour to finish, so there will be no need to rush through the scenic views. 

The best season to go is Autumn, as the weather is cooling and the Autumn fall foliage colour a warm red, orange, and yellow. 

However, as this place is extremely popular, it is required to reserve 24 hours in advance to get a bike.  


A 2-seater rail bike costs 35,000 KRW while a 4-seater rail bike costs 48,000 KRW.  

Address: 1383 Gimyujeong-ro, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea 


Hyvaa Finland with Play Jungle 

A sheep ranch where you can interact with various animals freely such as sheep, rabbits, turtles, lizards and even alpaca. Visit the lovely animals in Hyvaa Finland with Play Jungle, where you can touch and feed the cute animals and take instagrammable pictures in the photo zone.  

Adult tickets costs 18,000 KRW 

Children (aged 14 years and below) tickets costs 15,000 KRW 

Babies (aged 36 months and below) can enter free  

Address: 368, Palbongsan-ro, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do 

Alpaca World

Alpacas are calm and inquisitive animals, making them a popular animal for families to see. Alpaca world brings you on an experience walking, feeding, and petting these adorable animals. Fun fact, when you feed an alpaca with your hands, your hands will be dry!  

The huge park is sectioned into different theme, so alpacas will not be the only thing you see there. Eagles, parrots, sheep, and many more are some other animals that you can see, touch, and even feed in this park.  


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Throughout the day, there are events that will showcase the animals in the park, giving you an entertaining display of their abilities and their adorableness. 

This place is a suitable place for families and friends to visit 


Tickets for people aged 3 years to 64 years : 15,000 KRW 

Tickets for people aged 65 and above : 12,000 KRW 

Children below 3 enters for free 

Address : 310 Pungcheon-ri, Hwachon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea  


Legoland Korea 

Legoland offers 40 rides, shows and attractions across its 7 themes inside the park. Each land brings you on an all-new adventure that will make use of your imagination and creativity. Hop on a magic ride at the LEGO Castle, become your very own LEGO Minifigure and try out real-life jobs at LEGO City, unleash your inner ninja at NINJAGO World, visit Miniland, an exclusive theme that is only available in Korea, and much more.
This place is perfect for families to visit, allowing your kids to explore and learn while adults get to become kids again.  

1 day pass for adults costs 50,000 KRW 

1 day pass for children costs 40,000 KRW 

Address: 128 Hajungdo-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea 


Getting to the attractions

Although all these attractions are near Nami Island, getting to these places from Seoul can be a headache.  

Getting to Nami Island requires you to take the subway, to transfer to a local bus, to transfer to a ferry terminal. The journey alone may take 2 hours itself and getting to each attraction does not necessarily have a shuttle bus or train that brings you directly to the sites. Thus, tours will be the best option to maximise your time.  

Travel with without stress and with comfort by booking a tour that will bring you to all the places you decide to go. A set schedule and transport will drive you to the attractions, giving you ample time to enjoy the theme parks.   


Book your tickets here!


With this tour, the pickup points are set at popular and easy to get to destinations.  

  1. Hongik Univ. Station 

Hongik Univ Station is on the Seoul Subway Line 2 and the AREX 


2. Namsan Yejang Bus Transfer Parking Lot  

Namsan Yejang Bus Transfer Parking Lot is a 5 minute walk from Myeongdong station (Located on Subway Line 4) 


3. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 10 

Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station is on the Seoul Subway Line 2, Line 4, and Line 5. 

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