China to Fully Reopen Borders for Foreigners From 15 March 2023

China is taking a major step in its re-emergence from the Covid pandemic by resuming the issuance of nearly all types of visas for foreigners, starting on March 15, 2023. This marks the end of the country’s strict zero-Covid controls that had been in place since 2020.

The Chinese government has announced that embassies and consulates will begin issuing visas for tourism, business, medical affairs, and other activities. Visa-free entry will also be available at destinations such as Hainan island and for cruise ships.

Now that these restrictions have been lifted, tourists can start planning their trips with confidence knowing they have access to almost all types of visas they need in order to enter China legally and safely.

Travel Entry Requirements as of 1 March 2023

1. Pre-Departure Test

In order for visitors from abroad to enter China safely, they must submit a negative ART test result taken within 48 hours prior to departure from their home country. Passengers are required to travel to China with a negative test result.

2. Health Declaration Form

While the airlines companies will no longer check for negative ART results, visitors are required to declare their negative test result to China Customs by filling the Health Declaration Form on the WeChat mini-program of China Customs at, or via the China Customs APP.

3. Take precautions by wearing a mask throughout the flight

Visitors are cordially recommended to wear a mask throughout the flight and take good personal protection to reduce the risk of infection.

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