aeroLOPA: The Only Travel Tool You Need to Not Get Stuck in a Middle Seat Ever Again!

Have you ever felt the need to know which seat you’ve been assigned to on your upcoming flight? And perhaps you don’t fully understand what those seat numbers and letters mean in terms of where your seat is located within the aircraft. Or are you an aviation fanatic like me?

I prefer planning everything beforehand from being able to choose what type of aircraft I would be flying on to maximizing the probability of getting a whole row to myself. Sometimes even grabbing the opportunity of stealing window seats when they present themselves. While most see flying as a requirement to start their vacation, flying for me is the vacation and aeroLopa has been a huge help to me to make my flying journeys more comfortable and exciting. Trust me when I say, once you start using this, there is no going back to your old ways of planning a flight!

Photo taken from aeroLOPA.

Travellers like you and I might also be concerned of whether your assigned seat has all the features that the airline markets it to have, because (take note!) not every seat does! Some frequent travelers who are also very tall also often struggle to find extra leg room seats so that they can relax comfortably during their flight. A number or letter on your boarding pass can mean the world in making or breaking your travel experience as airlines do not take into account whether a seat is an aisle, bulkhead, middle or window seat. To them, a sold seat is a sale. Period.

How Does aeroLOPA Differ to Seat Maps Provided by the Airline?

AeroLopa is a website that focuses on helping passengers find the best seat for them on any aircraft on any airline. AeroLopa provides a database of a vast range of airlines and their fleet’s aircraft types broken down into the different aircraft configurations that the airline has. The website currently has over 130 airlines in their database and continues to grow from feedback gathered by the community.

When you book with an airline through their official website, the airline often displays a very vague seating map of your ticketed cabin class for you to choose your seat from. The problem with these maps are highlighted in the comparisons made below.

Airline Maps Provided by Official Airlines:

  • An under-representation of the realistic environment onboard.
  • Lack seating and cabin details.
  • Seat maps are often not to scale.
  • Distances are often misrepresented.

Airline Maps on aeroLOPA:

  • Details such as left-handed, right handed, forward facing and rear facing seats are drawn accurately.
  • Clearly marked rows & letters, given that not every row & letter may be positioned uniformly.
  • Shows entirety of the seats and cabin classes on the aircraft.
  • Seating color palette and patterns similarly match real life designs of the aircraft.
  • Shows to scale: seats, lavatories, galleys, bassinets, aisles and aircraft door/emergency exits.

Let’s take a look at this Business Class on Singapore Airline’s Boeing 787-10 by aeroLOPA.

Screenshot taken from aeroLopa.

Now compare it to this seat map of the exact same aircraft and cabin provided by Singapore Airlines:

Photo taken from Singapore Airlines.

Which would you rather refer to while booking your seat? 

aeroLOPA’s maps help many flyers visualize their seat to better inform the passenger of what they could expect on their flight. aeroLOPA is a free website for your next flight booking session! Always keep in mind that the seat maps an airline provides is not always the most up to date or accurate one out there.  

aeroLOPA currently has several other airlines on its website that have service into Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) such as:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Air China
  • All Nippon Airways 
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Airlines
  • China Eastern 
  • Emirates
  • Ethiopian
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Japan Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Qantas
  • Scoot
  • Starlux

And many more which you can find here: 

Hola – aeroLOPA | Detailed aircraft seat plans

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